Lost and Found (Liam Payne fanfic)

Nicole and her sister Jamie have been sold as a slave since their mother died and their dad didn't want them anymore. Being sold one day they were separated. Will they ever reunite? Who bought Jamie and who bought Nicole?


2. Home


“Are you gonna hurt us?!?!” I demanded, “No.  I swear I won’t hurt you!” Liam defended himself.  Something about him was...weird.  I did not, trust him.  The man named Liam touched Jamie’s leg, causing her to wince.  “It’s okay Jamie, don’t cry.  One year away and then we’ll never see this owner again.” I wiped away tears with my thumb that fell onto Jamie’s cheek.  “Uh... about that.  I’m not giving you back.”  Liam informed us, “WHAT?” I screamed.  “I can’t have you hurt again.” Liam said gently.  The limo stopped and opened the door.  A big house awaited our arrival.  “Give me Jamie.” Liam inched closer to Jamie, picking her up.  Unlocking the door he showed us two different rooms, “This is your room Nicole.” Liam opened the door to a large room painted pink, a few dressers, and a Californian King was sitting in the center.  “This is your room Jamie.” Liam opened the door across the hall that was lavender, and a twin bed in the middle with the same dressers as mine.  He lay Jamie down and she slowly closed her eyes, drifting into a light slumber.  I went into his room and bedroom and cleaned the floor, dusted and made the bed.  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I jumped, Liam startled me, “I’m sorry Master Liam, I was just cleaning for you.” I said with tears in my ducts. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you.  You don’t need to clean.” Liam stepped closer, “Go to the kitchen and sit at the table.” Liam instructed me.  I softly walked down the stairs and found the kitchen table ready for my punishment.  Liam ignored me and went to the fridge, “What do you like? Vegetables, Fruit, Snack?” Liam opened a cabinet.  “May I have grapes please?” I asked surprised that I was being fed instead of me feeding him.  Liam got a paper bowl and dropped grapes into the dish, placing them in front of me.  I ate one then two, then carried it to the trash.  “May I be done?” I asked Master.  “No.  You’re all skin and bones, you need to eat more.  You’ll have 5 meals per day.  And don’t call me master.  I’m Liam.” He plopped more fruit into the bowl.  Diced apples, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, sliced watermelon, tangerine, melon and cut banana.  “Thank-you L-Liam.” I was shocked.  I took a bite with a silver fork and Liam stopped up the staircase.  Suddenly I heard crying... 

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