Lost and Found (Liam Payne fanfic)

Nicole and her sister Jamie have been sold as a slave since their mother died and their dad didn't want them anymore. Being sold one day they were separated. Will they ever reunite? Who bought Jamie and who bought Nicole?


4. Harry. Stop.


::Liam’s POV::

Did she just call me sir?  Aha! The boys will never believe this! “Harry stp one over” I texted all the boys.  “Who are they?” Harry smirked at Nicole then winked.  Nicole gradually slumped into her chair, not knowing how to react to my pervert friend.  “Hi, I’m Zayn! What’s your name?” Zayn bent down so he was eye-level with Jamie, “She’s Jamie.  I’m Nicole.” Nicole reached her hand out to shake his paw.  I was surprised she acted so sophisticated in front of the biggest goofballs I know.  “I’m single.” Harry smirked and winked, “What’s your real name?” Nicole asked. “Okayyy you got me.  I’m Harry, but I’m still single.” his dimples were in full view, “That’s great.” Nicole stated.  “Hiiii!  I’m Jamie!” she laughed with 5 mini-wantons in her small mouth, “Aww!  Hi Jamie! How old are you?” Harry was great with children.

::Nicole’s POV:: 

Was he trying to hit on me?  Ugh! I get tingles up my spine imagining me being free and dating Harry.  “Wanna go to McDonalds?” the blonde stomach groaned, “Where?” I asked of the unfamiliar state.  “You don’t know where McDonalds is?” he said in disbelief, “No... Why? Did I do something wrong?”  “No, he just really loves that fastfood restaurant” Liam patted the hungry one’s back.  “I’m Niall.  That’s Louis.  Single curly boy is Harry.  Mystery dude is Zayn.  And you know Liam.” Niall proclaimed, “Wait so are we going to McDs?” Niall confused himself.  “Sure.” Louis moaned, “YEA BUDDY!” Niall hurt my eardrums.  “I’m sitting next to Nicole!” Harry raised his arm.  “Umm.... Harry.  You’re getting a little too close.” I scooted away from his beautiful emerald orbs, “It’s okay Nicole.  I don’t mind.” Harry smiled.  “Harry.  I’m warning you.” I tensed, “What are you gonna do?” Harry stared me down.  “I’ll-I’ll-I’ll scream.” I warned him, “Oh yeah?  Well if you scream, I’ll kiss you!” Harry inched nearer to my form.  “Ah-” Harry cupped his hand over my mouth.  How did no one notice us?  Why were there only two seats in the back?  Why was the music playing sooo loud? Harry slowly lifted rough paw that oddly smelt like strawberries off of my mouth and leant in.  “Harry.” I became stiff and hit the window as I moved backwards. “Ha-” I sucked my lips in, and turned my cheek, “Stop acting like you don’t want to.” Harry taunted me.  Did he know I actually wanted to kiss him and run my hair through his curls?  “Harry. Stop it.” I growled through my teeth.  “Stop it.” I hissed, now was my only chance to stop his perfectly pink lips colliding with mine.  I sucked in a big breath of air, here I go, “I...” 



A/N: Ha! Ha! Ha! I wonder what’s going to happen... Muahaha (as I slowly reconnect and disconnect my fingers all evil-y like) 

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