Lost and Found (Liam Payne fanfic)

Nicole and her sister Jamie have been sold as a slave since their mother died and their dad didn't want them anymore. Being sold one day they were separated. Will they ever reunite? Who bought Jamie and who bought Nicole?


3. Budding Romance


I hesitantly stepped up the last step.  I silently peered at the doorway.  Liam opened Jamie’s robe.  And lightly touched her scar on her stomach.  “Liam?” I walked in acting unsuspicious of his former actions.  “Why is J-J crying?” I stroked Jamie’s hair, while she rested her head on my shoulder.  “I-I tried to touch her scar?” I acted surprised and angry, “Why?” I was stern, “Who would do this to her?” Liam wanted to know, “Her first owner.  She was a baby and was crying at night.  Master came in a whipped her till she bled.”  I told him the story, “Oh my gosh.  Jamie I’m so so so sorry.” Liam sweetly kissed her forehead.  “It’s okay master.  I shouldn’t of cried.” Jamie blamed herself, “No, you shouldn’t be sorry.  And call me Liam.  I’m not your master.  I’m gonna take care of you.” Liam smiled and his eyes filled with sorrow,  “Jamie? Would you like to bathe?” Liam asked, “Yes.” I answered for her knowing J-J was still in shock.  “The lou is down the hall.  Me and you will help her.” Liam told me, I vigorously nodded.  Jamie dipped her toes in the lukewarm water, an slowly stepped in the tub.  “Nicole, I found some shampoo and conditioner in the closet for kids.  Does she like watermelon?” Liam walked in the room, “Yea sure.” I giggled and grinned.  ‘He’s so cute!’ voices in my head whispered, “NO!” I yelled, “Huh?” Liam asked concerned, “Nothing.” I said immediately.  “Okayyy...” Liam trailed off.  ‘Kiss him!  Lean in and KISS Liam!’ the voices expressed their opinions.  I cleared my throat, “Excuse me for a moment.” I dried my hands and went directly to my room door.  “AHHH!” I scream into my pillow, “ I don’t like him, I don’t like him, I don’t like him!” I told myself, “Who do you like?” Liam leaned against my open door.   “Nobody!” I lied, “Suree...” stringed off, I straightened my position and elegantly walked into the washroom.  “Liam, you finished!” I say astonished, “Yea.  Jamie’s in her bedroom.” Liam was so kind and gentle, although his large biceps *swoon* told me not to wrong him.  “Nicole, can I speak to you in your room?” Liam said all parent-y, “Uh, yea.  Why not?” I walked behind Liam and sat on by King.  “Do you like me?” my hands clammed up, “No.” I smiled, I could tell my eyes said yes.   Liam slowly slanted his body, his lips puckered.  


A/N: Sorry if this is kinda short! XOXO!

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