it all started with summer 09
Niall and Megan went to a cottage to go camping when they ran into a little trouble. A few years later the x factor got into the picture and then one direction was starting to develop. Megan has mistakenly got her self wrapped around the boys of 1D who will she end up?


14. Who is the father?

*Who is the father?* 

Megan's POV
its been a couple days since mine and Nialls kiss, but since that day he has been acting strange like he is wanting to tell me something but it just wont come out.. but i have decided to tell Louis and Niall today so i really hope things dont go wrong and i hope Louis will be able to forgive me, my thoughts were interupted by the boys walking in,

"hey Megan hungry? i brough breakfast" Niall said handing me a bag, i opened it and smelt french toast and seen a box of orange juice, kinda hard to have a good breakfast in the hospital but this was really good. Louis just kinda looked nervous. i told them to both sit down.....
"okay i got the test results back and i made my desicion and i hope you both respect what im about to say, okay Louis we just met not to long ago and i thought i had really loved you, but i couldnt, i guess i was just caught up in the moment, but you need to find a girl who really deserves you because i wouldnt be able to love you like another girl could, i would never be able to live without Niall." i said then turned to look at Niall

" i really love you Niall, i always had feelings for you, ever since the day from camp when you told me you liked me,i wanted to be with you but now this isnt a crush, i really do love you. and i want to be with you, i dont know what i was thinking when i ever thought you had to be choice because now that i think of it, you were always first, no one can compare to you, and you are the father." the biggest smile grew upon Niall's face when i said that he just jumped up and hugged me and then i seen Louis slowly walking out of the room with his head down and i could tell he was about to cry thats why he left probably.

Louis's POV
i lost her, but i guess she did love Niall first, i did meet her not to long ago, i just have to move on and realize Niall will always be the one she will love and i need to realize i will never be apart of that baby's life. i called Liam to come get me cause i drove here with Niall and i didnt want to leave with him. i waited outside for him to come, then i seen  his car pull in, i hoped in and he asked what had happened, i explained everything during the car ride. 

*sorry this was a short chapter!!*

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