it all started with summer 09
Niall and Megan went to a cottage to go camping when they ran into a little trouble. A few years later the x factor got into the picture and then one direction was starting to develop. Megan has mistakenly got her self wrapped around the boys of 1D who will she end up?


4. Wales Here We Come



Niall and Megan live together now


Megan’s POV

It has been 3 years since me and Niall started dating and I’m so glad we are because he is adorable and so sweet and he is constantly complimenting me or singing beautiful songs to me and he always brings me out for dinner and he is always with me and he is really protective but he Is not obsessed. The other night we went out to Nando’s and we had like a competition who can eat the most obviously he won haha but he is so cute and I’m not afraid to be who I really am around him I don’t have to hide anything because he will never put me down or judge me and I love that about him. Last night we were at my house sitting on the couch and I was cuddled up to him and we were watching the x factor. I looked up at Niall

“oh my god Niall you should try out for this you have an amazing voice” ]

“really?” he said and giggled. I nodded

okay maybe next year”

“no I will go check the website to see when the next auditions are” then he nodded and I ran up to my room. I really wanted him to do this because he is always singing to me and I think he is talented enough to win. The next auditions that were close to Ireland was in wales in 1 month I ran down and told him the information then he called up his mom and told her everything he was really excited I could tell.

2 weeks went by fast and he started to pack because he was leaving in a couple days. Then I walked over to him and looked him in the eyes and said

Niall I’m going to miss you so much I love you I will watch you on t.v okay” I smiled

I won’t miss you because you are going to be at my side the whole time” he had a big smile on his face

what do you mean”

“Megan I want you to come with me, I want you there to support me” she nodded then grabbed a suitcase and started to pack we were throwing clothes at each other and so we weren’t really packing it was more playing around haha but we eventually finished then we decided to go lay down. I was looking up at the ceiling and thinking about how much fun its going to be in wales. Niall came over to me and wrapped his arms around and pulled me closer so I rolled over to face him and he looked at me and smiled

what? Why are you smiling?” I laughed

“I’m just happy that I can call the most beautiful girl in the world mine.”

“Your so cheesy” I said kissing him

yeah but you love it” he smiled

“I do I really do” then he kissed me. Then we went off to bed.

The next morning was their last day in Ireland before they go to wales so Niall surprised me by bringing me to a carnival we went up to the ticket booth and I said

“you didn’t tell me where we were going so I didn’t bring my wallet” I said with a frown

I wouldn’t of let you pay anyway… can I please get 100 tickets

he said turning to the guy in the ticket booth


“yeah I want to make this your best day in Ireland so we are going to go on every ride”

he smiled at me and grabbed my hand. We headed over to the biggest roller coaster there is. I looked at it and I was shaking. I felt really nervous and I guess it was noticeable

“are you okay whats wrong? He asked me

I was nervous I shook my head “I’m scared of heights.”

“I will hold your hand the whole time don’t worry it will be fun, you will love it”

then we got in line we handed the guy the tickets and hopped on. I was shaking in my seat

its okay here” and stuck his hand out.

The ride started and I just closed my eyes. I felt my body fill with butterflies whenever we went up, down, and flipped. I was just laughing and he looked at me and laughed to. After the ride when I was on the ground I just fell on down and was just lying there happy to be on flat surface. Niall looked down at me and laughed and helped me back up and we went on all the rides then we headed home until we saw someone by the entrance. JOE! the guy who made Niall go into the hospital did he remember Niall? Because Niall doesn’t remember him after the accident, he started walking towards us then I just grabbed Niall’s hand and ran the opposite way. I was terrified that he would hurt Niall again. After we went the other way we found a trail to the parking lot then we jumped in Niall’s car and drove back home. Then we went to Nando’s our favourite restaurant. Then we headed home and it was about 10:00pm,so we went to bed and he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me and we just cuddled, laughed and talked. Then we dozed off.


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