it all started with summer 09
Niall and Megan went to a cottage to go camping when they ran into a little trouble. A few years later the x factor got into the picture and then one direction was starting to develop. Megan has mistakenly got her self wrapped around the boys of 1D who will she end up?




Louis's POV

i decided to wake Megan up to an already made breakfast so i woke early to make her favourite meal. i heard footsteps coming down the hall and then i heard a big thump. i didnt know what it was so i ran quick to see then i see Megan on the floor. i ran over to her and called her name she didnt wake up i was getting scared i was screaming Niall's name to wake him up to help me once he came he picked her up bridal style. i wish it was me but i knew it couldnt be. then he headed out the door with me right behind him.he drove really fast to get to the hospital to save Megan. He was going way to fast now and there was other people around so i kept telling him to slow down but he just drove faster. he came to a stop sign but he didnt stop he went right through it and another truck was going by at the same time i just yelled


then BAM next thing u know we were in the ditch and Megan flew out of the car and she was lying in the middle of the road while i was stuck in the car but i couldnt find Niall. i looked out the car to try and find him, he was in the ditch trying to get up but kept failing then i realized megan wasnt there i looked out the window on the other side and seen Megan just lying there covered in blood. i was fine just my arm hurt so i got up as fast as i could and kicked the window it break it cause i couldnt use the door cause the car was tipped and once i broke through i rushed over to her screaming her name. then the ambulence came rushing to the scene. they seen Megan and rushed over to her and put her on the strechter and put her in the back then they put Niall in a different one. Nialls ambulence didnt allow anyone to go in with him so i asked to stay with Megan they allowed me to go with her and they were asking me questions on what happened once i told them she passed out and then we were driving to the hospital and then we crashed he told me to stop and then he turned to a cabinet and took out alot of medical stuff then they started tapping wires to and putting needles in Megan. i was really worried i didnt  know what was going on. once we arrived at the hospital they rushed her into a room and put her on the bed still attachted to the wires. they told me i had to step out of the room and they would fill me in on the details later. i was scared then i seen Niall come in on the stretcher i rushed over to him then he grabbed my hand but i had to let go cause they wouldnt let me near him. i dont know why though he is my best friend and i should be allowed to see him so i pushed my way through the doctors and went into his room once i got inside a whole pile of doctors surronded me and told me to get out i pushed them and ran to Niall i didnt leave so they had to get security to pull me out. i waited in the waiting room for about 3 hours until one of them came out and said i could see Niall. why not Megan? why isnt she okay yet? when i walked into Nialls room he had wires and a water tube connected to him and a cast on his right leg and left arm. and a stitches on his forhead. Niall didnt fall as hard as Megan did so im really worried about her if Niall is this bad. i sat beside Niall and we talked for about an hour then i was asked to leave but perfect timing as soon as i sat down 3 minutes later i was told i could see Megan it has been just over 4 hours since i last seen her so i got worried, the doctor walked down the hall but i ran. i didnt care if i got in trouble i ran as fast as i could then i reached her room she was out cold, cast on both arms and a neck brace on andd she had her left foot up with a brace and brusises on her face and stitches on her cheek, water tube on each side of the bed and alot of wired hooked up to her head to toe. i started to get tears in my eyes when i seen her. it was silent untill the doctor said

" she slipped into an acoma and she had major injuries she can not reply to you, but we are pretty sure she can hear you. but when she wakes up she is most likley not going to remember anything so u have to try hard to help her get it back and do not crowd her and do not touch anything! and dont touch her arms, leg, or face. make sure if this machine makes any noise to contact a nurse or doctor and if she moves at all! please notify any of us. okay well i have to go check on other paitens so please be careful around her."

then he went off to another room. once he left i grabbed her hand and spent like an hour just trying to talk to her but there was no response. i started tearing up then i quickly wiped them away as the nurse walked in and ask how she was doing. i stayed in her room over night to make sure she will be okay. but a nurse stayed with Niall so i didnt have to worry about constantly checking on him. he was in alot of pain and really bad but Megan was worse so i decided to stay with Megan then just check up on Niall every once in a while. Niall really wanted to see Megan but wasnt allowed to move from his bed so me and the nurse rolled his bed down the hall to Megans room and he got to spend some time with her while i went home to grab clean clothes and stuff like that. 

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