it all started with summer 09
Niall and Megan went to a cottage to go camping when they ran into a little trouble. A few years later the x factor got into the picture and then one direction was starting to develop. Megan has mistakenly got her self wrapped around the boys of 1D who will she end up?


11. Simons decision


You guys are probably wondering what happened with the X factor. well because of all the stuff that happened involving the hospital, they couldn't carry on with missing a couple of contestants so they called a break until Niall and a few others could come back. 

Louis POV

Megan still doesn't want a relationship yet because she's still upset about Niall but I'm fine with that and now I have another thing to worry about. The X factor I almost forgot about all that. But them come to think of it, that's how I met Megan. Just thinking of her makes me smile :). Anyways back into reality, Niall is going back to the X factor as well so he will have to talk to me at some point, he can't be mad forever. Simon called all of the contestants and said there will be a meeting at noon today. So I had breakfast, took a shower and got ready then I left. Once at the studio, Simon introduced everyone to each other and he said we will be working on some vocal stuff and dance moves so I followed instructions. (FYI this is at boot camp). We had to get into groups to dance. I was in a group with Zayn, Dylan, James, Matthew. They weren't the best dancers but we got through it. I had to go to the bathroom and I met someone in there, I guess a new friend I'd call it. I was at the sink washing my hands and I turned around and bumped into someone with big curls, I said opps very loud haha and he just said hi.

"im harry" he said smiling

"im louis" i replied then we started talking and we had an interesting conversation. We went back into the studio. Time went by quick and everyone went home. I didn't see Niall much so I couldn't talk to him, I will try next time I see him. I had gone back home where my little sister was with her friend. Like always they like obsess over me. I swear all of her friends like me. It's creepy! Her friend kept "accidentally" walking into my rooms explaining she mixed mine and my sisters room up for 464738446 time. When dinner came along she sat right next to me, of course. I invited Megan over so she would stop creeping me out. Once Megan got here she came into my room. We were watching a movie and we had one of those romantic moments and she leaned in so I went with it and we kissed then my sisters friend had to walk in on us!!!

"Whoops sorry Louis, wrong room a-" she looked at us. "Louis I didn't know you had a girlfriend"

" she's not my girlfriend and why would I tell you, Sara's room is at the other end of the hall how can u be accidentally mixing up the rooms. Just leave. Thanks"

she looked at me then at Megan. She gives Megan a dirty look because Megan is almost dying of laughter

"AWEEE that's cute, u have a little crush on Louis. Haha ur like what 10 ur to young hunny, if u don't mind, can u leave please......thank ya darling"

I look at Megan and laugh and I don't even know her name just storms out, slamming the door. We look at each other and laugh.

"It's getting late I better get home, my moms probably wondering where I am, bye Louis"

she said to me and kissed me then she left. I went to bed shortly after she left. 
Next morning
I woke up to a call from Simon, he said they are doing the eliminations today. I was excited but at the same time nervous. I got ready and did all my daily stuff and I walked to star bucks which was just down the road. I seen this really pretty girl there, she kept looking over at me then laughing, for no apparent reason. It was weird, she finally came over to me and said I was attractive and she wants my number. I told I was seeing someone then walked away I was really committed to Megan. I don't want to ever hurt her. 2:00 came around and it was time to head to the studio for the eliminations I was so nervous! Once I got there, everyone was lined up, he called the names,

"Louis, Niall, Liam, Rob, Max, James, Zayn, Noah, Zack, Devon, Harry please step forward........I'm sorry to say, u guys didnt make it through"

we all broke down in tears many running off stage. We all left and I went over to Megan's and she realized i was upset, she asked why then i told her I got dropped from the competition. We went out for dinner, had a movie night and I just spend the night at her place. I woke up to another call from... Simon? He said to go back to the studio he has to tell us something. Well okay. I hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom, I got dressed and did my main stuff, I cooked breakfast and went into the room with pancakes, bacon and toast on a tray and set it down on the table beside Megan and woke her up softly. She woke up surprised that I had made her breakfast in bed. Once she finished she got ready and we went for a walk to kill time. 2 came along and I went to the studio to see what Simon had wanted. He had explained that 5 of us boys are to good to lose so he put me, harry, Liam, Zayn, and...Niall in a group and wanted to hear us perform. We might become a new band if Simon likes us. It's all based on his decision. If we are going to be a band then Niall has to talk to me! We sang torn together and he liked it, there were several judges with him to they left for about 30 mins which left us five sitting there and talking. Once he came back, he said he was going to sign us and we were going to be come a very successful band. We have to come up with a name now. After 2 hours of coming up with some, we stuck to Harry's "one direction" name. We went back home after recording more songs and talking and getting to know each other. Me and Niall finally made up, which made me happy, after we left. Me and nail. Went to star bucks and talked and laughed then I got a text from Megan but I hid my phone so he doesn't see the name.

"Hey Louis, i miss you, I have something to tell you :(, i need a hug, and bring Kleenex. :( xx."

What's wrong!?!? I have to go see her but Niall so, I was kinds hinting that we should leave then he got a text from Harry and he wanted him to go over so I was thankful, perfect timing to haha and then I rushed over to Megan's to see her sitting on the ground, makeup ruined, tears coming out, red puffy face, and Kleenex all around her. I rush over beside her and hug her tight

"what happened" she handed me a note 

Dear Megan;
I'm sorry to say this but on your parents way home, they got into an accident. Ur father is very hurt but your mother happened to not make it, we tried everything we could but nothing could fix the damages, the car was hit by an intoxicated driver and flipped into the ditch, ur mother was on the passenger side so the side that hit the ground first, and the hardest. Your father will be in the hospital for a while due to brain damage, and might slip into a coma, but we are going to try everything we can to help your dad. 
From the hospital.

I look at her, I get tears in my own eyes actually and we sit there for about 3 hours, cuddling and rocking back and fourth and she was telling me old memories and saying how she is going to miss her and so much more. I feel horrible :( I wasn't expecting this when she texted me. 

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