it all started with summer 09
Niall and Megan went to a cottage to go camping when they ran into a little trouble. A few years later the x factor got into the picture and then one direction was starting to develop. Megan has mistakenly got her self wrapped around the boys of 1D who will she end up?


15. Niall's Mistake

Niall's POV

Megan was let out of the hospital today and we are going to look at houses to live in or for now, apartment but since i know the baby is mine and we will be living together, i wanna take it to the next step, im gonna ask her to marry me. i just dont know when yet, i got the ring, i got the place, but not the time i want to wait for the perfect moment. 


so far we have looked at a couple apartments so were gonna take a break and go to the park to relax, this is where im going to ask her. okay Niall come on. you can do it! we made our way to the swings, i was pushing her as she went back and fourth and got higher everytime, i stopped at walked infront of her and said

"Megan ever since we were little, i have alwaysed had feelings for you, that will never go away, you are my definition of perfect, my princess and i want to do the honors of making you my queen, Megan will you please marry me?"

That moment i seen the biggest smile on her face, tears pouring out of her eyes, i quickly got up and hugged her tight then she let out a squeal i pulled apart and looked at her in her eyes then she nodded her head liked 10 times then finally said yes niall i will she grabbed my face a kissed me soo hard it was so passionate, this was offically the best day of my life. after we stayed there for what left like forever talking, we went out for supper to nandos and then we went back to my place and we watched movies and fell asleep on the coach. i woke up and carried her to the bed in the middle of the night and tucked her in the blankets so that she will be warm and cozy. 



the next day the boys and i wanted to all hangout and celebrate for the engagement, obviously Louis didnt want to come, but Liam made him tag along and we went to the bar that later night, all of us had alot to drink, i think i had the most! but i was in the dancing mood so i just grabbed a girl and started dancing with her.


Megans POV

Niall told me this morning he is going out with the boys tonight so im gonna go for a walk outside, maybe go to the mall or park or do something! its been a couple hours so i figured niall would be home by now so i started walking back  to his flat, i heard screaming or something from inside, i open the door to see Niall with another girl! i screamed

"NIALL WHAT THE HELL!" he jumped up and came over to me reaking of alcohol

"ohh babyyy callmmm downnnnn" he slurred i slapped in the face, threw the ring at him and ran out crying, i ran over to liam's flat and stayed there for the night, me and liam started getting close, like brother and sisterly close. 


i had stayed there for a few nights now cause i dont want to see Niall! he cheated on me!! right after he proposed! hes not getting another chance! were done! he called my phone every five minutes and i declined them all until liam grabbed my phone and answered it and told him off

"bro what the hell you just proposed then you go and cheat on her!?...............i dont care about the reason Niall.......... being drunk doesnt mean you can go around sleeping with other girls!..... ohh yeah wheres the ring?.........no she doesnt have it.............. why? cause she doesnt want it....she has cried and cried over you... dude.... you guys are done." and he hung up with that...


its been 2 months since the breakup and i still lived with liam, i practically moved in ahah, i had a doctors apoitment today at 2 so i had to find some stuff to do until then, because i have been living with liam for the past 2 months we have drifted from the sibiling bond, im starting to really fall for him, he isnt like Niall and Louis, hes different, the feeling i get around him is different, a good different i cant explain it but what ever it is i can tell he can feel it to. we were sitting on the couch watching toy story then he was laying down with his legs out while resting his head on the arm of the couch and i layed on the side of him with my head on his chest and his arm around my side and i looked up at him and he looked down at me and i could feel my self smiling, i could tell what was gonna happen next, he leant down and i slid up so where we could met eachother, then his lips touched mine then from there it was perfect. the best kiss ever. it was long and slow and meaning full we eventually had tobreak the kiss, for air then i looked at him and smiled again then hugged him, gave him one last peck on the lips and we got back to the movie, i could feel his eyes watching me the whole time, his hands were twirling the ends of my hair and i fell asleep on his chest then it was around 1:30 and he woke me up so he can drive me to my doctors appointment. once we got there we took some test and i sat there and waited for the doctor to come back, he looked concered

"what happened?" i asked him

"have you been noticing any wieght change yet?" he had asked me, i thought about for a little bit then spoke up, "no, no i havent why?" he then walked out not answering my question. i started to panic! he came back in with another nurse she asked me a bunch of questions and was taking ultra sound pics but it was to early for that i was  getting worried then i finally asked the nurse whats going on

"you might of had a misscariage, we cant seem to find the baby"

i broke into tears, i lost my baby? no this cant be happening! i lost my fiance and my baby!? shit shit shit how am i gonna tell Niall? he will be heart broken! the nurse let me have some time alone then Liam slowly walked in smiling

" hows it going meg-" he stopped when he had seen me crying he rushed to the side of me "whats wrong Megan!?"

"its gone. its gone. my babys gone!" i said letting more tears fall out.

"what do you mean megan?"


i said with a soft voice while looking into his eyes i could tell he wanted to say something but it would come out

" what Liam? say something" i said to him he started mumbling then i lifted his head to where he was looking at me and he said these perfect words

" well we could always try again, me and you, baby payne" he said giggling but scared of my reaction i froze. i didnt say anything then he looked to the ground and stood up and started walking to the doors

"Liam wait. i would love that. these past months i have developed feelings for you that i just cant describe, you make me feel different then from Niall or Louis ever did i feel happy when im with you not stressed and i wanna be with you" i said that and a smile grew on his face i smiled softly he came to the side of the bed and said

" Megan, will you be mine?"

"Yes Liam, i would love to" then we shared a kiss. 

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