it all started with summer 09
Niall and Megan went to a cottage to go camping when they ran into a little trouble. A few years later the x factor got into the picture and then one direction was starting to develop. Megan has mistakenly got her self wrapped around the boys of 1D who will she end up?


17. New Life

Liam's POV

Today i woke up to the most beautiful face ever, i am loving how i can hug, kiss, cuddle, do anything i want with her, i can finally call her mine we have been dating for a while now and yesterday we went to play lazier tag and we- my thoughts were interupted by Megan who  was moaning in her sleep she kept moving, she spoke

"Niall, Niall, Niall stop, d-d-dont d-do thiss" she started crying, then screamed really loud and jumped up out of breath, she looked around and her eyes found me "LIAM!" she jumped on me and hugged me and kissed me soo hard, i didnt want to make her more upset so i didnt push her off, even though i was losing my breathe. she climb on top of me and we broke our kiss she looked at me and smiled "im so glad you're here liam"

"where else would i be hun?" still looking at her confused "bad dream?" she nodded her head numerous times "wanna talk about it" she nodded her head again and climb off me and we headed down to the kitchen for breakfast, once we sat down

"so tell me about it, what happened?"

Megan's POV

"so tell me about it, what happened?" he spoke, breaking the silence, i looked at him and started 


"hunny i love you with all my heart and im soo glad we are gonna have this baby together" Liam spoke

"me too babe, me too" we went for a walk when we seen Niall walking on the other side of the road, he saw us and started walking up to us, something shiny in his hands, he walks over to us, kinda sprinting then held up the knife i screamed "NIALL NO STOP!!! NIALLL DOONT DO THISSS" then everything happened so fast, Liam was on the ground, knife in his stomach, i fell to the ground trying to help him up and attempting to stop the bleeding. Niall looked down and laughed "you should of left Megan when i gave you the option!!!" he said kicking Liam "what the fuckk Nialll, whats going on!" "i loved you Megan why did you see that!? i could of given you everything! a perfect family, perfect house, everything! but you chose LIAM! after everything we have been through together yoou kept crawling to Liam, what does he have that i dont!?" i screamed and started crying

~~~~~~~~end of dream~~~~~~~~

liam looked at me, laughed and walked around the table to give me a hug,

"Megan im still here, dont worry, Niall would never do so dont stress, it was Nialls fault for the break up, he cheated, dont blame any of this on you, and i love you, i would never hurt you. and i can promise you i can give you a perfect life."

i looked up at him and smiled and he came to my side to comfort me in a hug. then he looked into my eyes and i looked into his then his eyes went down to my pink lips  back to my eyes, asking for permession, i looked at his lips and he leaned in then i put my hands around his neck and his hands found my waist. he licked my lips asking permission to come in, i allowed him then his tounge explored my mouth and then we were interuppted by a loud knock at the door.


Liam's POV

she let me in and we stood there in the middle of my kitchen until i heard a very loud thump at the door, we parted, i looked at her eyes and smiled and leaned close to her ear and whispered, be right back and then walked to see who was at the door. they were knocking a numerous amount of times, i yelled


i opened it to see a very tired louis he was panting for breathe

"woah what happened louis"

he looked exhausted."H-Har-ry he-s in th-th-the h-ospital- we -ne-need yo-ur help- NOW!"

he spoke trying to take breathes. i yelled to Megan


she yelled back, running to the door

"yeah yeah yeah"

we all hopped in my car and drove to the hospital

"okay so louis, explain to us what happened"

he looked at me with watery eyes and spoke "Me and Harry had a fight and i told him to get out of the house and he was driving to come find you guys when he was passing the intersection and a car came a hit him really hard, he has glass all with in him from the windows shaddering. i dont know everything that happened but all i know is they found him laying the ditch."

me and Megan both started crying and then we drove faster to the hospital. we got into the lobby and asked for harry styles and we were told to wait in the waiting room for the nurse to come out. once we got there we seen, zayn and niall talking. we said heey and sat down then about an hour later a nurse came in and asked for harry styles we all stood up and she said only 2 at a time

"i dont care who comes but im going in now." louis said then zayn spoke

"he was going to go see liam so let them 2 go in" we all nodded then me and Louis walked off with the nurse. 

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