it all started with summer 09
Niall and Megan went to a cottage to go camping when they ran into a little trouble. A few years later the x factor got into the picture and then one direction was starting to develop. Megan has mistakenly got her self wrapped around the boys of 1D who will she end up?


2. Its me or Him

its been about 2 weeks we have been here and Niall is not liking Joe one bit. Megan is confused because both guys have been flirting with her but niether of them has told her they like her. 



Niall’s POV.

the night went by and I told Megan that we had to go back to the cabin so she got up and I grabbed her hand in mine and our fingers intertwined. I didn’t care if she thought it was awkward I just wanted to show Joe that she was off limits. Megan was little upset that I just ended her and Joe’s conversation like that but I didn’t care I don’t want Megan falling for him. A couple nights went by and I was starting to get mad at the fact that they would always flirt and hangout so before Joe could make a move on Megan and take her away from me I decided to tell her my feelings by singing a song to her, hoping that she would get the message.  I went outside to find Megan sitting on a towel sun tanning and she looked beautiful with her bright blue eyes, and her blonde wavy hair blowing in the wind. I was staring at her beauty not realizing I just stopped then she turned around and said

 “hey Niall what are you doing here” she smiled

I was really nervous but I had to do this. I went over to her and asked if I could talk to her, then she approved she patted the spot next to her for me to sit then I had told her that I was jealous of Joe.

She looked confused so I told her “ I wrote a song about my feelings these past nights and my feelings for you so just listen.”

“okay this is called more than this” I said then began to sing

I'm broken, Do you hear me, I'm blinded Cause you are everything I see
I'm dancing, alone, I'm praying, That your heart will just turn around
And as I walk up to your door, My eye turns to face the floor
Cause I can't look you in the eyes and say

When he open his arms, And holds you close tonight, It just won't feel right
Cause I can love you more than this, yeah When he lays you down, I might just die inside
It just don't feel right Cause I can love you more than this
Can love you more than this

Yeah I've never had the words to say But now I'm asking you to stay
For a little while inside my arms And as you close your eyes tonight
I pray that you will see the light That's shining from the stars above

She stopped me “Niall…….” she didn’t say anything after I said that so I just put my head in my hands and sat in awkward silence until I broke it by saying

 “sorry I shouldn’t of said anything I know you wouldn’t like me, I got to go bye.”

“Niall wait.” I turned around to the site of her beautiful face looking like she was going to cry “Niall I didn’t know you felt this way, why didn’t you tell me” she said pulling me back to the park bench

 “well I seen how happy you were with Joe and I kno” he got cut off by Joe running in.  Great. what did he want now i thought to my self.

 “Megan come to the beach I want to ask you something very important” as he looked at me and smirked

“I’m kinda busy right now can’t you notice?” then pointed to me.

“you are just going to sit here with this gay boy?” then that’s where I stood up and finally said something to him something I have been waiting for a while to say.

“ever since you came here, you have been just fucking shit up. I love her with all i got and that will never change and you just want to see her break. your just some rich kid who thinks he can get anything he wants cause your good looks. But not right now buddy im sick of you and I’m done. Megan I need the answer, it’s either me or him.”

She just looked at me then to Joe and ran out crying. I ran after her

"Niall i love you, im so sorry, i love you"  then she ran right into my arms. i seen Joe just chuckle and spoke

"ha really Megan? you choose Niall?" megan looked so broken.

she went right up to him and slapped him i couldnt help but laugh "i was actually falling for you until you showed me the real side of you. Niall is a better guy then you'll ever be" she said with disgust.

Joe just started laughing and walked away slowly then turned around and came charging at me, i had no time to think he just jumped on me and i fell to the ground and he punched me in the face making his hand go red and my nose to bleed. Now Megan was crying.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE” she yelled at Joe. then he hit me again then i dropped to the ground. i finally picked my self up off the ground. Then the last thing I heard was the voice of Megan saying “JOE NO DON’T PLEASE JOE STOP” then I heard her break out into tears I didn’t know what had happened next. I woke up in the hospital.

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