it all started with summer 09
Niall and Megan went to a cottage to go camping when they ran into a little trouble. A few years later the x factor got into the picture and then one direction was starting to develop. Megan has mistakenly got her self wrapped around the boys of 1D who will she end up?


13. baby?

* a week later*

Louis's POV

they finally got Megan awake, i was waiting for this moment, i need to know who the father is, if it is Niall..  i will lose Megan. for good.... but if its mine, she will be with me.. but she needs to be awake and living for the DNA test. a couple hours went by and the doctor said i could go in and see her.

"hey Megan" i said,

"heyy lou!" she said with excitment and a smile on her face... does she know about the baby?

"can we talk..?"

her smile dropped...

"about what lou?"

"your baby..." she looked at me, confussed,


"well when you were out, last week, the doctors told me and Niall you had a baby, so you will need extra care here in the hospital, but we dont know who's the father, so you need to take a DNA test...." i said slowly..

"i'm.... pregnant?" she looked suprised.


Then the doctor came in and explained about the DNA test. he took her in a different room, then moments later he took me in, then they had to wait for Niall to come down to take the test... after it was all done... he said he would have the results in 3 days... Niall went to talk to Megan, so i left the hospital, i went down to starbucks to get a drink.


I look around and see a red head running to me with the biggest smile on her face...

"Lola!..." i said acting surprised..

"how have you been!?"

"good, how about you?"

"im good, it has been a while!" she said..

"yea...." i really dont wanna talk to this girl, right now... she was my ex.. i broke up with her last year, she kept trying to lean in and kiss me but i kept back up...

" well i go to go.. bye!" i said running out and not looking back. i drove over to Liams house later that day and we talked for hours. i explained everything that had happened with me, Niall and Megan.


Niall's POV

ringgg riinngggg riinngggg

*checks phone*


and.. Liam? i answer it,

" hello?"

 "heey man" he says

"whats up"

"nothing can we meet up, i got to talk to you"

"we are talking...?"

"no... in person, star bucks at 11?"


"okay but Niall" the phone hangs up and Niall gets dressed and eats breakfast and walks to star bucks it was kinda a long day, but it was nice out so he didnt regret it. he got to star bucks and he seen Liam sitting at the table on his phone. he went over and sat across from him.

"hey liam"

"heey Ni"

"what do you need to talk about?"

"you and louis"

what was he talking about. i was confused, i spoke up,


"he told me about Megan being pregnant and the break up and everything"

he said.. oh shit... what does he need to tell me?

 "ohh... okay so what do you need to say?"

"well what ever happens, you and Louis can't start fighting,  we need you both in one direction if we want this band to go big. so if you are the father, you cant bug louis about it. sure he will be upset but just let him be, if he is the father, you cant hurt him. you just have to accept the fact that its not yours. and you have to give Megan time to choose which one she wants to spend her life with."

"but liam.. i love her..." i say hurt.

"i know Ni but you cant let this break you and Louis up"

"okay..... well im gonna get going, i need to see Megan"

and i walked out. i walked back home and got my car and drove to the hospital. today was the day the test was supposed to come in. i was walking down the hall, almost near Megans room. i heard talking i walked faster to hear where it was coming from. it was the doctor in Megans room, talking about the baby, i didnt walk in the room i stood outside listening to the conversation. perfect timing to.... i heard him about to say who the father is...

" okay well we got the test back and we know who the father of your baby is"

" who is it" she sounded upset. i wanted to run in there and hold her to stop the tears but i need to listen to this.

" the test says the fathers name is, Niall James Horan"

i heard my name! i heard my name! im the father! not Louis!!!! i was jumping with excitement. i didnt want them to hear me so i ran down the hall to the bathroom! i wanted to pull out my phone to call Liam but i wasnt supposed to know yet, so i waited. i waited about 10 minutes to go back to the room, i went back and the doctor was gone. i knocked and she looked up, she had a smile on her face

" Hey Ni" she said i walked over to the bed and sat down with her

"soo hear anything about the baby" i said smiling

she said not yet... what!? i heard the doctor say it was me!! well she cant know that i know its me so i just pushed that aside. and we talked about when we were little and our memories.. it felt nice, even though i couldnt hold her in my arms... :/ i moved closer to her and said

"do you mind if i kiss you Megan..?"

she looked at me smiling

" Niall.. kiss me"

i leaned in and our lips touched. it was fireworks all over again. nothing could ruin this day. we pulled away and we were both smiling. i loved the feeling i got when i was around her. i hope she will take me back. 


Megan's POV

i didnt want to tell Niall he is the father right now.... how do i tell Louis? i really like him.. but im inlove with Niall and that wont ever change and that kiss... oh god made me realize i never want to lose him. i was stupid for ever leaving him. how do i tell louis i dont want him. i will wait when we are all together to tell both of them the news! but for now i dont wanna stress, i wanna spend this time with Niall. i hope later tonight after everyone knows about the baby that Niall will still want to be with me. just looking at Niall now, i can already see the perfect father. i hope its a girl. that would be perfect for Niall... if Niall can make me feel like a princess, he would be perfect with a little girl of his own! we are both kinda young for a child but im sure my mother and his mother will help us, because i really dont want to give my child up then look back at the time when i gave my child away at the age of 18 i would never be able to forgive my self!! but i hope Niall we be okay with being the father. i hope he takes me back.


*sorry guys, i havent been writing in a long time, i have been busy and i had no ideas on what would happen next but i finally figured it out and i will try to keep up with my writing!!!! if you have any ideas on the next chapters, please please private message me on twiiter, the link is in my BIO.:) * 


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