it all started with summer 09
Niall and Megan went to a cottage to go camping when they ran into a little trouble. A few years later the x factor got into the picture and then one direction was starting to develop. Megan has mistakenly got her self wrapped around the boys of 1D who will she end up?


1. vacation

Niall’s POV.

we went down by the lake and we just sat there on the dock and we talked about anything you can think of. I kept going off in my own little world thinking about Megan whenever I look into her bright ocean blue eyes  and she had to snap me back into reality a couple times but whatever. We were out there for a while and I could see Megan was getting tired cause she kept yawning so I asked her

 “do you want to go back to the cabin you look a little tired

sure, I'll go make us hot chocolate cause its a little cold out okay?” I nodded and as we stood up

she put her arms out for a hug so I hugged her but then she pushed me in the lake. I jumped up from the water and yelled as she stared at me 

“you’re gonna get it Mrs. White.” 

she started to run so I jumped on the deck and chased her she was fast but I was faster she kept looking back to see where I was then I hid behind a tree so when she turned around she couldn’t see me she yelled out

 Niall where are you? Don’t play games with me” 

I didn’t reply for a couple minutes

 "I am getting scared Niall please come out where are you?” 

that’s when I jumped out and grabbed her waist and pulled her closer I kissed her forehead we had a moment where we just looked at eacother, she giggled

"you're an asshole"

"but you love me, right?" 

we both started laughing and she nodded her head. she turned around to walk back then I grabbed her hand and spun her around picked her up threw her over my shoulder. She kicked and screamed so I ran faster to the edge of the dock.

 you wouldn’t.” she gave me the death stare. 

“oh yes I would” 

then I threw her in she was soaked I was just watching her as she was yelling at me to help her out when I reached my hand out to pull her up on the deck she pulled me in. now we were both in the water. I pulled her close and looked at her eyes and said 


“yeah?” she asked curious on what I was gonna say next 

“you really are beautiful I hope you know that” I said to her while leaning in.

She looked at me and said“Niall you really are adorable I hope you know that”  she giggled

then i looked at her lips then back at her eyes and she did the same and then they we were, standing in the water, kissing then it started to rain. we both got up and raced back to the cabin but I let her win.when we got to the doors she turned around and said with a big smile on her face 

"beat you"

"pttff i let u win" i said as we laughed and walked into the cabin


------next day------

Megan’s POV.

While me and Niall were down by the lake we seen a big truck pull up to the cabin beside us and 3 kids came out and go into the cabin. Me and Niall just looked at each other. There was a look of disappointment in his eyes.

I wanted it to just be us here" he said looking upset

I know so did I” I replied.

That’s when we went inside to let everyone know that there is someone else here.

“don’t worry about it guys just be yourself and have  fun and dinner will be ready in 20 minutes”

we both nodded and we outside to the park. Niall ways always this fun, hyper, loud, amazing, funny guy but something was distracting him so I tried to get his mind off things by racing to the swings. Once we got there I jumped on and Niall ran up behind me pushing me on the swings. He was so cute when he laughs and he was so sweet and the way his eyes shi----Megan what are you doing he is your best friend. So many thoughts were running through my head. Was I starting to have feelings for Niall? What will happen if I tell him? Will he hate me? does he like me back? Then my thoughts got interrupted when Niall picked me up bridal style and carried me into the cabin for dinner. He leaned down and kissed my cheek. Butterflies were flying like crazy in my stomach, oh my god, how does one boy have this much affect on me!? I just pushed my thoughts aside and ate dinner. After we were done eating, Niall went up to take a nap so I took a walk on the beach just then I bumped into some guy I didn’t see and fell over

“watch where you are going you as-“

I was cut off when I looked into his bright green eyes and his shaggy hair blowing in the wind and

“ I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there...... are you okay?” he said to me while he bent down to help me up

“yeah yeah it’s okay.. I’m fine” I said with a little smile on my face.

“ I don’t believe we have met I’m Joe” he smiled,

 I thought I was going to melt when I saw his smile I realized I have been staring so I quickly said “ yeah hi I’m uhhh…. Megan what are you doing out here ”

I was nervous I don’t know, why he was just a guy well a really cute guy. I was acting like a total freak did I just turn him off? Uughh stupid Megan focus.

“My family is out camping”

“same with mine” I said glad that I will be seeing him more.

“so do you want to go sit down and talk to get to know each other?"

a smile grew on my face. “sure I would lov-“ I was cut off by Niall running down and picking me up spinning me and kissing my cheek and smiling. I looked up at him and said “hello to you to” “heyy” he giggled

then I saw him look at Joe he looked a little mad at the fact that I was talking to him, Niall has always been really protective like an older brother so I quickly added

“this is Joe his family is staying in the cabin beside ours”

Joe stuck out his hand for Niall to shake so Niall put on a fake smile and shook it. We all went to the edge of the dock, mine and Nialls favourite place out here. we talked for what felt like for ever! Joe was such a sweet guy, we kept starring at me and i could tell Niall was getting pissed off. there was a moment of silence then my phone went off, my friend Ashley was calling,

" i got to take this, i will be right back" then i left.

Joe's POV

whats with this Niall guy? he keeps giving me a look of disgust.. did i do something? like what the fuck? ughh what ever i enjoyed the company of Megan so i just pushed Niall out of my thoughts. i was starring at Megan admiring her beauty, when her phone went off

"i got to take this, i will be right back" then she left. ok this gives me time to talk to this guy and see what his problem is. i went to go speak as i was cut off by him saying

"stay away from her." then he walked off as well and i sat there alone, i watched him walk off into Megans direction and she hung up the phone she told him something and then she came running my way and Niall waited for her to come back

"i have to go for the night, but heres my number, so text me sometime and maybe we can hangout again soon"

she handed me a piece of paper "okay i will, night beautiful"

she blushed then said bye then she ran off towards Niall i watched as he picked her up and i seen her lean into towards his face and so did he then they kissed.. i watched as they both pulled away and Niall kissed her quick once more and he put her down and they walked off with Nialls arm around her waist. this pissed me off for some strange reason. were they together? i dont know what i was feeling. i just sat at the dock for a little while. i took out my phone and put her number in it. then i eventually walked off to my cabin.

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