First Meeting, Then Love???

Three Best Friends, Kayla,Jackie, and Melissa, go out for a drink. They run into Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne. What happen if the three best friends have a one night stand with each of the famous boys? Will this mean love? Or heartbreak?


2. Trouble

Kayla POV


We walked into the bar. I told the girls i would go get something to drink. They nodded their heads. I walked over and i saw this guy sitting on a stool. i sat beside him. I soon saw who it was. it was Harry Styles, All of sudden i pulled out of my stool by my hair. i was jerked to the floor. i cried out then looked up and gasp. it was Cole. 



Cole POV


I found that little bitch finally. I decide to go to  the bar by myself. I got there and saw her sitting beside some guy. Hmm seem like trouble will start now. What are you doing here bitch I asked her. I slapped her and She whimpered saying i came for a drink is i that a problem? I was about to slap her again, but then i got punched by that guy who was sitting by her. Keep your dirty hands off her, the guy said. Then he punched me. all i saw next was blackness. When i woke back up i saw her leaving with him. DAmn i let her go again,



Kayla POV



There i was going back to Harry Styles flat. He told me it would be ok to staay with him. we got to his flat. i sat on his bed while he got me some tylenol. i took the tylenol and said thanks. all the sudden he kissed me. 




Sorry for the wait but i have had school. Well the next chapter will be sexual. so stay tuned :) bye my fans!!!!!!!!!

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