First Meeting, Then Love???

Three Best Friends, Kayla,Jackie, and Melissa, go out for a drink. They run into Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne. What happen if the three best friends have a one night stand with each of the famous boys? Will this mean love? Or heartbreak?


1. Girls Night Out

Kayla POV.



Come on girls lets go out and have some fun. It's our first time since we finished High School, said Jackie. Ya, lets go out to that new bar in town, Melissa said. So it is finally, we are going out, but what if I see Cole. He already broke my heart, thought Kayla.  finally spoke up saying ok girls go get in Melissa's car im gonna go get ready. But we need to get ready too, they both said at the same time. lol ok girls u guys can wear some of my dresses.

So all three girls got dress. Jackie was wearing a red dress while Melissa was wearing a purple dress. I was wearing a orange dress. We all got into Melissa's car so we could go the bar.











Well if your reading this thanks this is my first story. Comment if i should keep going or delete this. 

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