My World

Allison Wood. And 19 year-old, mother. The mother of 4 year old Rylie Wood. SHe knows who the father is. He doesnt even know Ryle exist.When they meet eachother, what happens? Will she tell him. Will he pay her any attention? After all, he is in the world-wide famous, British-Irish boy band, One Direction.


2. 2

My World

Chapter 2



         I woke up from the sunlight pokeing through my curtians. I got up and strecthed. I got in the shower.

I stepped out and went to my closet. I picked out a pair of red booty-shorts and a black one shoulder shirt that said 'SWAG' in red. I pulled out black high-tops with a red Jordon sign on them. I pulled out black Elleite socks that had red line in the back. I put that on and put on a flat-bill had that was black with a red '#' sign. In case your wondering. Im American.

I went down stairs and began to make eggs and bacon. When I finished the food, a sleepy Rylie walked down. "Hey babe. Hungry?" I asked as she sat at the table and I sat a plate with eggs and bacon in front of her. She began to eat her food. I sat across from her and did the same.

I cleaned the dishes and we walked upstairs to give Rylie a bath. After I bathed her I walked into her closet. I picked out a dress that was white on the top and was short-sleeved there was a black ribbion around her waist and the rest was zebra print it came just above her knees. I pulled out black flats and she changed into it. I let her brownish-blonde hair stay naturaly straight. Her ocean eyes smiled at me. I picked her up and headed out the door. We drove off to pre-school.

We got to pre-school and I walked her to her class room. She walked in and ran over to her friend, Sophie. I signed her in and then walked back to my car. I drove back to my house and my phone vibrateted. I checked my phone while making Rylie's bed.

From: Unknown

Recived: 11:07

   Hey. Its Louis. Grayson gave me your number. Can we meet somewhere please? We need to talk. (: xx

I sighed and added him to my phone. I finished Rylie's bed. And then I made my bed.

To: Louis Tomlinson

Sent: 11:10

  Hi. Where do you want to meet at? xx

I sat on my bed waiting for a reply

From: Louis Tomlinson

Recived: 11:11

  Uh, Starbucks by Grayson's? Thanks for letting me talk (: xx

I got up and rabbed my purse. I got in my car and started to drive there. During a red light I texted him back

To: Louis Tomlinson

Sent: 11:15

      Okay, be there in 5 xx

 I tossed my phone in the passenger seat and drove towards Starbucks.

I walked into Starbucks and saw Louis sitting down. I walked over to him and sat. "Hey" I greeted

"Hi" He smiled.

"So?" I asked

"So, uh, who's the father of Rylie?" He asked with confusion in his eyes.

"Louis, your life would be so much easie without you knowing.." I warned. He rolled his eyes. "Tell me" He said.

He said "tell me" like 500 more time t'ill I busted.

"Louis shut up! Your the father!" I yelled. Some people gave us some weird looks. He sat with shook all over his face. His face then filliedwith anger. He got up and stormed out of the little cafe.

I got up and chased after him. I grabbed his arm. "Let go" He said. "Louis! Stop!" I said turning him to face me. His face was fillied with some much anger. I was scared. "Why didnt you tell me?!" He shouted. Bystanders looked at us strangly. "You cant handle being a father! Your to busy! You have a band!" I screamed. "So! I deserve to know if I have a child!" He shot back.

"Louis! You left me! You knocked me up and then left! We dated for a year, you got what you wanted. Then a year later you went on X-Factor! Why would I tell you if you left me! You dont deserve Rylie!" I screamed. Some people stopped and watched us.

He sat there in shock. "I-Im sorry" He said. Tears fell from my face. "Ally, im so sorry. I really am" He said. Ive been mad at him for 6 years. I think I can get over it. For a matter of fact, I was over it 4 years ago.

I gave him a hug, which got him off guard. He hugged me back. "Want to go back to my place?" I asked. He nodded. We got in our cars and headed towards my house.

I walked in and Louis was behind me. I sat down on my black leather 'L' shapped couch. "I was thinking.. maybe, I could spend some time with Rylie?" He asked. I thought about, its only fair, right?

"Okay, I could have her Monday through Thursday." I suggested. He nodded. "She has pre-school at 11:00 through 3:00, Monday through Friday, so I would take her on Friday and you would pick her up and you would take her on Monday and I will pick her up" I explained. He nodded.

The rest of the time we worked out our plans.

It was 2:50 so we got up to go get Rylie from school. We both got in my car and drove towards the school.

We got there and there was a girl with her mother. Her mother looked around 40 and the girl looked around 15. She gasped, "Oh my god! Your Louis Tomlinson! Oh my god! Your Allison Wood!" She squealed. I smiled and we took pictures together and followed her on twitter. Just then Rylie came prancing out of the class room. I picked her up and acrried her to the car. "Mommy, whos that?" She asked pointing to Louis. "I will tell you when we get home"

We got home and Rylie sat on my lap and Louis sat next to me. "Rylie, this is your dad" I smiled. She gasped and hugged Louis, "Daddy!" She screamed. I smiled. AFter a couple of minutes Louis got a text. He sighed and looked at me, "Ive got to go to my girlfriend, Rachel's" He said. I nodded and he said good-bye and left. "Mommy, lets watch Sponge-Bob" Rylie smiled. I rolled my eyes and turned the TV on to Sponge-Bob. Rylie cuddled into my chest and we watched, the one and only Sponge-Bob.


SO! What did ya think? I UPDATED ONCE IN ONE NIGHT! TEHE! SO, im not using Eleanor, cause I dont want to make Eleanor seem like a bad person, cause she's not.

Its now, 3:05am -XOXOxoxo

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