My World

Allison Wood. And 19 year-old, mother. The mother of 4 year old Rylie Wood. SHe knows who the father is. He doesnt even know Ryle exist.When they meet eachother, what happens? Will she tell him. Will he pay her any attention? After all, he is in the world-wide famous, British-Irish boy band, One Direction.


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My World       

Chapter 1     





         "Ally! Were leaving in 5 minutes!" My brother Grayson shouted. "Okay! Let me juest finish dressing Rylie!" I shouted back. I pulled up Rylie's black leggings. I put on her hot pink shirt that said 'Grayson Wood' in big black bold letters and on her small pink Air-Jordans. She smiled a toothy smile and ran into her closet. She came out with her flat-bill hot pink hat that said 'GW' in big bold black letters. I looked down at my outfit. A slim fit black t-shirt with 'Grayson Wood' writtin in purple letters and neon yellow skinny jeans and white high-tops. My blonde hair was straginted down just past my breast and my hair had a hot pink streak. "Lets go!" Rylie smiled and held out her arms. I picked her up and walked down stairs. Grayson smiled and we got in his car. I buckled Rylie in and she said, "Can you turn the radio on?"

Grayson cranked the radio up and Justin Bieber, Bueaty and A Beat was on. Rylie started singing and I smiled back at her.

We got to the X-Factor building and I unbuckled Rylie. We walked into the building with Rylie on my hip. We went back-stage and Grayson went into a changing room.

Incase your wondering, Grayson is a singer. He was on X-Factor 3 years ago and he is back now to perform.

The singers that were just on jogged of the stage, and a voice came on over a microphone, "And now, a person that was on 3 years ago! His album was #1 2 years in a roll! Grayson Wood!"

I carried Rylie were she could see Grayson. She clapped along to the beat of his song.

Rylie squirmed out of my grip and stood next to me.

"Excuse me, miss?" A deep British voice asked.

I turned around and saw a boy with a small quiff. It was so cute.

"Yes?" I asked. A little girl poked out from behind his leg.

"Uh, Im Liam Payne, and this is Lux, her mother went out for a second and me and my mates have an interview and we have nobody to watch her. Would you mind watching her for just like 20 minutes?" He asked with plead in his eyes.

"Sure! Im sure Rylie would love to play with her" I said with a warm smile. He smiled and picked up Lux.

"By the way I'm Allison" I giggled. He chuckled.

"Lux, Allison is going to watch you for a for minutes, I will be back in a second, be good, Love you" He said and handind Lux to me.

"Grayson Wood fan?" He asked pointing to Rylie and I's shirt.

"Actually, he is my brother, Im Allison Wood" I smiled.

He nodded and waved and walked away. I sat on the ground Indian-Style. Lux sat in my lap and Rylie sat across from me.

Lux and her began to play some patty-cake thing. I dont really know.

Grayson jogged of stage and looked at me. I nodded and he ran down the hall. Ever singer has an intervew after their performes.

Lux turned and faced me, "Hi Lux!" I smiled.

"Hwi" She said with a toothy smile.

"Was that your daddy, Liam?" I asked

She shook her head, "Thats my uncle Liam" She said. I nodded. She began to ramble on about random things.

I saw Liam jog up to me and I stood up with Lux in my arms. "Shes very cute" I said while he took her from my hands

"Yea, she is, Thanks again! We should see eachother tonight, my mates and I are going to his party" He smiled.

I grinned, "See you there" I said. He then walked off.


"Thanks, babe" I smiled.

"Its nothing, love" My best friend, Madison said.

I drove back to Grayson's house which was full of people. Rylie absoutly loved Madison.

"Hey Allison!" Grayson greeted. I smiled at him and made my way through the sea of people. I bumped into someone. "Im Sorry" I looked up and my breath was caught in my throught.

"Allison?" Louis asked. I nodded.

Louis is the father of Rylie.

Louis grabbed my arm and pulled me into a random room. Which just so happen to be Rylie's. Great.

He sat down on her little bed and patted next to him and I sat down.

"So, how've you been?" He asked.

"Good" I answerd blankly. "Whos room is this?" He asked looking around. Her room had Justin Bieber posters and Austin Mahone. Rylie is like a teenager with her music obesseion.

"Rylie's" I answerd staring at a photo of Rylie and I. We were sitting on the beach. I was in a white bikini with pink polka-dots. Rylie was wearing a purple little kid bikini like thing.

"Who's Rylie?" He asked.

"My daughter" I said, not thinking. I slapped my hand over my mouth. He looked at me with wide-eyes.

"Whos the dad?" He asked, what do I say now?

"Allison!" Grayson shouted.

Saved by Grayson. I looked at Louis apoligeticly and ran downstairs. "Yea?" I asked arrivning infront of him.

"Can you tell Louis that he is leaving?" He asked. I nodded and jogged up the stairs and told him. He walked down stairs and walked out the door. A few hours later the house was empty, "Going home" I said and kissed Grayson's cjeek. "Love you" We said at the same time. I got in my white Mustang. I drove to Madison's.

I walked into my house with Rylie sleeping on my shoulder. I carried her into her room. Which was different than hers at Grayson's house. The walls are hot pink. There's picture frames on one wall of her with celeberties she met. The other wall has a small window. The wall with her closet on has 'Rylie' writtin in uper-case white letters above the closet. Her bed is pushed up agaisnt the wall with the window and faces her closet and has a white head-board and the sheets are pink. Her duvet is white with a big blue heart in the middle. She has two pillows. One is plain pink the other one is white with a pink heart. This girl loves the color pink. I placed her under the duvet on her bed and kissed her forehead.

I walked into my room. The walls are hot pink. Theres picture frames of Rylie, Grayson, and I one one wall and posters of people like, Niki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and a few others. On my other wall is my closet, my closet has 'Allison' writtin in purple across it. My bed is pushed up agaisnt the wall with the posters which faces the wall with my dresser and TV on it. Theres a window on my wall with my pictures on it. My bed has a white head-board. My sheets are purple. My duvet is black with 'PINK' writtin in white and in small letters underneath 'PINK' is 'Victoria Secert' writtin in pink. One of my pillows is plain pink and my other oone is white with 'PINK' writtin in black. I stripped from my clothes and threw them in my hamper which is in the corner of my room. I changed into a black cami and yellow fuzzy booty-shorts. I piled my hair into a messy bun ontop of my head. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I went into Rylie's room. I pulled out on of her black t-shirts, its says 'SMILE' in yellow. I also pulled out white and pink plaid pajama pants. I smoothly changed her clothes. I put her clothes in the hamper and went into my room. I got under the duvet and my eyelids closed over my blue eyes.


First chapter! (: What did yall think? I really had fun writting this chapter (; So, do you think I should make the chapters longer? I really didnt want to end the chapter! Even though is 2:25am. But yea, comment your thoughts. Love yall


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