The One Who Might Change Me

She couldn't stick to one home. Passed around from family to family, she's never been with one long enough to bond with them. She's been with this family for six years, the longest she's ever been with one. Due to her history, she's shunned by everyone. She's become someone she isn't. Cold-hearted, careless, mean. Someone everyone is afraid of. The problem is that she doesn't like being this person. She can't get away from it no matter how hard she tries. Everyone expects her to be this way. Like they say, first impressions always last, right?


3. Why Are You Feeling This Way


»Hyuna's POV«

"Come on, Becky! Please!" Donghoon begged.

"First, don't call me that. Second, you're not getting any of my money," I replied. He always calls me 'Becky' whenever he wants something. It always gets on my nerves.

"Please! Just 50,000 won, please! I'll pay you back!"

"Tell me what you're going to do with it."

"That's none of your business."

"I believe it is, since it's my money."

He sighed before answering. "Promise you won't tell Mom and Dad?"

"Don't tell me you're using it to gamble again," I groaned.

"What's so wrong about gambling? I can turn 50,000 won into 500,000!"

"You don't know that! You could lose everything and I'll have to pay off your debts AGAIN."

"I promise I'll win this time. Just give me the money and I'll show you."

"You have a problem, Donghoon. Just stop with all the gambling," I pleaded.

"I don't have a problem. I can stop whenever I want, just not now!" he yelled and stormed out of my bedroom.

I took my money pouch and hid it somewhere Donghoon would never find it. He always gets himself into trouble with these kinds of things. Last time, he almost got beaten half to death for not paying his debts. Our parents never knew about this problem, and I promised Donghoon I would never tell them. If I wasn't this nice, I would've told them already, but once I make a promise, I keep it.

I wanted to keep my mind off of this so I called Hweji and told her to meet me at the park. While I was waiting for her, I sat on a bench and watched the birds and butterflies fly around.

Hweji finally came, with bubble tea. 'I love this girl.'

"So, why did you want to meet up?" she wondered.

"What? I'm not allowed to want to hang out with my best friend?" I joked. "Plus, Donghoon is getting back into his gambling habit and I don't want get involved again."

"He's going to get killed one day..."

"Please do NOT say that."

"Alright, but I'm serious. Anyways, Mr. Choi is giving us a project. Want to be partners?"

"I would like to, but I heard he's assigning the partners.

"Ugh, why does he do this?" she complained. "Everyone in our class is either too stupid or too lazy to help with anything."

"Especially Sunhi," I scoffed and sipped on my bubble tea.

"Speak of the devil..."

Sunhi strutted over surrounded with her minions, T.K being pulled along, too. 'Does he have to be everywhere?'

"Who's stupid?" Sunhi squeaked.

"Look in a mirror and you'll find out," Hweji retorted.

"I think you're just jealous of me," she boasted.

"Hell yeah we're jealous. Jealous of people who don't know you," I sassed.

"At least I have real parents."

"Why don't you go play in traffic already?" I quipped.

I don't know why, but that really offended her. She took my bubble tea and dumped it all over my shirt with a victory smirk plastered on her face. Then she wrapped her arms around T.K's neck and kissed him.

It felt like someone had just stabbed me in the heart. 'Why are you feeling like this? Stop it!' Hweji and I quickly left and I kept mentally slapping myself.

"Are you okay?" Hweji worried as I cleaned myself up.

"I'm fine," I assured.

"Are you sure? It sounds like you're about to cry."

"I said I'm fine. Just leave it alone."

The next day...

"Class, for this period, you will be working on a research paper on any topic you like," Mr. Choi announced, earning groans from the students. "You will have a partner." The groans turned into cheers and people went to go by their friends. "Which I will be choosing." The groaning returned...

"I don't want to be partners with anyone in this class besides you," I said to Hweji.

"Pray for whoever gets stuck with Sunhi," she laughed.

"Hweji will be paired up with... Sunhi," Mr. Choi stated.

Hweji's eyes widened in disbelief. "I OBJECT!"

"I'll pray for you," I giggled.

"She's going to make me do all the work..." she pouted.

I didn't pay much attention after that until I heard my name being called.

"Hyuna, you will be with T.K," Mr. Choi said. "I have high hopes for you two. Everybody, get with your partners and start working."

"Kill me now," Hweji whined and went by Sunhi, who was staring me down.

T.K came over to my desk and sat next to me. "What are we going to do for the project?"

"Don't even bother helping. I'll handle everything," I responded.

"Well, that wouldn't be fair. I don't want credit for something I didn't do."

"Just make it easier for the both of us and let me do the whole thing."

"Okay, but if you change your mind, here's my number," he said and handed me a piece of paper with his number on it.

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