The One Who Might Change Me

She couldn't stick to one home. Passed around from family to family, she's never been with one long enough to bond with them. She's been with this family for six years, the longest she's ever been with one. Due to her history, she's shunned by everyone. She's become someone she isn't. Cold-hearted, careless, mean. Someone everyone is afraid of. The problem is that she doesn't like being this person. She can't get away from it no matter how hard she tries. Everyone expects her to be this way. Like they say, first impressions always last, right?


1. Chemistry


"Look at her. No wonder her parents abandoned her," a group of girls whispered as I walked down the hall. I sneered at them and they shut up right away. I smirked at how naive they were.

Everyday is the same. They insult me, I threaten them. The teachers don't bother trying to stop this "attitude" anymore. They know it won't work. I don't like acting this way, but it's the only way to get people to stop talking about me like that.

"Hyuna! Wait up!" Hweji yelled as she ran up to me. Hweji has been my best friend since I moved here. She and DongHoon are the only ones that know the real me. And obviously my parents, too.

"Hey," I sighed.

"'Hey'? That's it? What's up? Are their words bothering you again?"

"Don't worry about it. As long as they're afraid of me, they'll never say it to my face. What's the harm?" I assured and gave her a fake smile.

"Don't try and pull this act on me. You know it doesn't work on me," she teased. I pouted and she giggled. "Come on. Let's get to class."

We got to our first class and I took my usual position of kicking my feet up on the desk and not caring about anything. I knew what we were doing anyway. Electron configuration, at least for me, is extremely easy. I laughed at the other girls who were freaking out over it. How bad could it be? It's just putting arrows in boxes. The boys, on the other hand, were staring at me. I ignored everything and started drawing in my notebook.

»T.K's POV«

I hurried my way to my first class in my new school. It's already awkward being the new kid, but showing up twenty minutes late is even worse. I walked into the classroom and the teacher stopped talking and turned to me.

"Ah, you must be Lee Minwoo," he said.

"T.K," I corrected. I don't like being called Minwoo.

"Well, T.K, welcome. Class, this is our new student. His name is T.K."

I looked around the class and everyone was looking at me. Girls were giggling and the boys were being protective over who I guessed were their girlfriends. There was one girl in the back of the room who I found to be quite interesting. She didn't seem to care about the lesson and was doodling in her notebook. She was dressed to the point of almost defying the dress code.

"Have a seat anywhere you like, T.K," the teacher informed.

"Oppa! Sit next to me!" a girl with a nasaly voice said. I smiled sheepishly and sat next to her. "My name's Sunhi."

"Uh, hi. I'm T.K."

"I know that," she giggled. "Oppa, do you have a girlfriend?"

"No, but can we just concentrate on the lesson?" I uttered. I turned my attention back to the board and jotted down the notes.

"Would anyone like to volunteer to fill out this chart?" The teacher asked. He looked around the room and stopped on someone. "Ms. Lee. Since it seems you've been paying attention, why don't you?"

I looked around to see who he called on. It was the mysterious girl I'm so interested about. She got up and went to the board. She picked up a marker and started to write the arrows in for Uranium. It only took her a few seconds and she didn't even hesitate before writing.

"Very good, Ms. Lee," the teacher praised.

"Can I sit down now?' She said with an attitude. The teacher nodded and she went back to her seat.

"Who is she?" I asked Sunhi.

"That's Hyuna. No one likes her so don't bother getting to know her," she scoffed.

"Why doesn't anyone like her?" I wondered.

"Because she's a freak."

She doesn't seem like one.

»Hyuna's POV«

After I finished filling out the chart, I headed back to my seat. As I was walking back, I noticed a new kid that I didn't see at the beginning of class. Hweji did say something about a new student, so maybe this is him. I saw that he was giving me a weird look. He probably thinks the same thing as everybody else. 'Oh what a weirdo. Better avoid her.' I sat down and continued working on my doodle masterpiece.

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