Troublemakers and Caretakers

Amber, Anna, Zoey, and Lexi all share an apartment together. They all work a same job, Sports Authority, but there trouble makers. So they get fired. One Direction does catch them but then doesn't turn them in. Them and the girls stay in touch. The girls loose the apartment, and money, so no food, pretty much no life. They then start to live on the streets, and steal, when one day One Direction catches them again. One Direction then takes care of them when they find out the reason why they steal and are mean. They all end up falling in love with each other.


10. The Best Present...?

Amber's P.O.V:

    Honestly, I was heartbroken. I didn't mean to be such a crybaby, but I just fell in love so fast and now it was all gone. I really don't think I was ever going to see Zayn again, and I didn't stop myself from thinking that. But, that was me. I got heartbroken and I never stopped thinking about it until weeks later. The girls never liked that, especially Lexi, but I couldn't help it, and they knew that! Now that we had Lucy in our group, I don't know, she just seemed to fit right in. Like we knew her for a while. I couldn't help but smile every time she tried to hurt one of us. Its not that she was weak, just that she was pretty short. That's what I liked about her. She was one tough cookie.

Zoey's P.O.V:

    I think I liked Lucy. Even though I tackled her, she didn't really care. Well, for the most part, Lucy was tough. Now that she was with us, I thought we all seemed tougher now. Well, on the outside. In the inside, I still wanted to be with Liam. He was so sweet! I just wish we got to know each other a little better. To top it all off, we definitely had to stay with the boys since Anna told Harry her secret, and everyone else's. I was a little mad she did, especially telling these certain secrets to a major celebrity, but, they were in love. It was cute. I could tell Louis wanted somebody, though, and that somebody was Anna. I didn't even think she knew herself! I was surprised, she was smart, but when she's love struck, maybe not that smart.

Anna's P.O.V:

    I was surprised Harry didn't text me. He usually did everyday, but ever since we met Lucy this afternoon, I got nothing. It was now around five or so, so I decided we should eat. I gave Lexi the look. She understood what I meant, and ran. Zoey noticed, and ran the other way. I looked at Amber, and she nodded at me. I ran a whole different direction. This is what we did. We were all good at running, so we would always run somewhere, and find whatever food and clothes, etc. and Amber would look for stuff around where we stayed for the night. We would bring whatever we could carry back to where we were, and sometimes we got a lot of stuff...Other times, we didn't. But, we all told ourselves, that was life, we got ourselves in this mess, and we were living it. I looked around and found a dumpster. Inside, I found a cute purse with nothing in it, yes it was broken and beat up, but with my skills I could fix it up in no time. I would probably give it to Lexi for her birthday. It was bright orange, and she loved neon colors. I wish she was with one of the boys, so maybe she could get something from one of them. Then again, she probably was. I would think Niall. I hope we saw them again close enough to Lexi's birthday. It would be her best present yet.

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