Troublemakers and Caretakers

Amber, Anna, Zoey, and Lexi all share an apartment together. They all work a same job, Sports Authority, but there trouble makers. So they get fired. One Direction does catch them but then doesn't turn them in. Them and the girls stay in touch. The girls loose the apartment, and money, so no food, pretty much no life. They then start to live on the streets, and steal, when one day One Direction catches them again. One Direction then takes care of them when they find out the reason why they steal and are mean. They all end up falling in love with each other.


3. Breaking the Promise

 Zoey's P.O.V:

    I think I really liked Liam. Something about him, I don't know. Maybe the way he held on to me when we were running out of there. The boys had to go, and I was disappointed. They could've given us a ride, or we could've gotten to know them better. Oh well. Maybe next time. I kind of got mad at Lexi for promising to Niall. I mean, I knew she was going to lie anyway, but I hated when we did that. Amber turned to all of us after the boys drove away. "Guys...I need to tell you something.." I got worried. Did something happen? If so, then please let it be good! "What?!" I asked, maybe a little too eager. "Well, we can't go back to the apartment..." "Why not?!" Anna yelled. You could tell she was worried and ticked off. Amber started, "The rent is really overdue and the apartment will be gone for us today. We have no place to stay." I was furious. She could've told us before! Ugh! "What are we going to do about this, Amber?" I said bitterly. "What we've always done," she said, "Steal."

Zayn's P.O.V:

    I really liked Amber. I wanted to get to know her. I was falling in love with her... Or maybe I was just desperate. I'll admit it, ever since I broke up with Perrie, I wanted somebody I knew whom I could trust. Maybe she's the one. I wasn't sure yet. I decided I was going to talk to Liam about it later. He'll get it.

Anna's P.O.V:

We shouldn't be doing this. That's all I thought. I only had a little doubt in my head. Just a little. We were at Walmart. This was going to be tough, since everyone would see us this time and yes, its smaller then the mall, but in the mall people don't care much if you get hurt or do anything bad. They usually just film it with there phones and tweet saying, "oh, girls made a lot of noise today and ruined the whole store omg!!!". Those people annoy me. They don't get or understand why we do it. They judge us. Anyway, its been days since we've seen our boys, and we miss them. I hope we'll stay in touch. I sat on the bench outside of the place waiting for the signal to go inside. I was playing around with my jacket when I found a little piece of paper inside the front pocket. It read: Hey here's my # if you ever wanna talk or need anything -Harry :) xx On the back was his number. I texted him, since I was going to be out here for a while.

Anna: Hey its me Anna the girl with the blonde hair the other day!

Harry: Oh hello! How r u, love?

I had to think about this one. How was I? I felt sad, upset, and ashamed that I was stealing. I was also afraid and cold. Well, I was just going to say good, because I didn't want him worrying about me or getting mad at me.

Anna: Good how bout u

Harry: Happy that im talking to u ;)

Anna: Thx :)

I suddenly saw the signal.

Anna: Hey I have tg bye Harry! xx

Harry: Why so sudden? Is something wrong? :o

Anna: No im fine bye

Man, I was going to get in so much trouble for this. This is how I lost all of my boyfriends. I lied to every one of them.

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