Troublemakers and Caretakers

Amber, Anna, Zoey, and Lexi all share an apartment together. They all work a same job, Sports Authority, but there trouble makers. So they get fired. One Direction does catch them but then doesn't turn them in. Them and the girls stay in touch. The girls loose the apartment, and money, so no food, pretty much no life. They then start to live on the streets, and steal, when one day One Direction catches them again. One Direction then takes care of them when they find out the reason why they steal and are mean. They all end up falling in love with each other.


13. Better Then This Part 2

Zoey's P.O.V:


    "Zoey! Zoey!" I heard somebody calling my name. It sounded familiar. "Zoey, what have you done?!" It was my ex boyfriend, Cole. Cole was looking at my wrists. They were all bloody. He was crying. "Zoey, I told you not to! Don't do this to me!" He kept looking at them. We were in an alleyway somewhere, and it was raining. I was sobbing. "Please stop, Zoey!" he was shaking me. He slapped me. I felt a sharp pain all over my face. "How could you?!" I screamed. "Zoey, you deserved that! For all the promises you broke! But you get this, too" he said, and kissed me. I couldn't resist. I kissed back, then pulled away. "Wait stop Cole, I can't do this!" I said. Cole screamed. He sat down. "You can never do this," he said pointing to himself, "ever again! You're better then this!" He walked away.

    I looked at the test. It was positive. I screamed. Amber can in the bathroom. "What happened?!' She asked. "I shoved the test on the ground and stamped my foot on it. I screamed some more. "Oh no..." she said. "You did not?!" Amber screamed. I fell on the floor crying. "Zoey, you're better then this!"

    I couldn't help it. My head was spinning. I couldn't breathe. "Make it stop, make it stop!" I screamed. "Cole come back! Come back for me!" I said. "Zoey, stop!" Cole said. "Cole, you came back!" Cole suddenly had a knife. "What are you doing...?" I asked him. "This is for you, Zoey Charlotte Carson! Don't forget me!" he said, and put the knife in his chest.

I screamed.

"Zoey its me, Liam! Baby its ok," Liam was sobbing uncontrollably. I woke up. awful. And of course I had the bad ones, in my dreams too. "Liam, its ok," I said, hugging him. We were inside somewhere on a white sofa. I heard banging on the window, when I realized it was rain. I cried and cried. So did Liam.

Lucy's P.O.V:

    Well, this was awkward. Of all the places to sleep why did it have to be my one and only celebrity crush?! Yes, it was Louis Tomlinson. Like I mean who wouldn't want to sleep next to him, but this was different now that it actually happened. I think he liked me, but I wasn't sure. I heard a scream. "What was that!?" Louis and I said at the same time. We both ran down the stairs. Everyone else did, too. It was Zoey. Well, at least we know she's up now. Holy crap...I wanted to cry so bad. Liam and Zoey were hugging but they were crying so hard...It brought back memories. I had to get out of this room. I held Louis's hand. He was surprised, but I was, too. We went into the kitchen. "So....could I call you Luc?" Louis asked. "Sure," I said, not really knowing what to say. "I hope..." he started. "Zoey gets better," I said. "That's funny, I was about to say that." he said, and smiled. "Well, I..." I started. "Think we should go back to bed?" he said. "I was about to say that..." I said, and smiled. Wow. We were getting along real well. I hope this... "Night would last?" Louis said. I smiled. Haha, its like were connected or something...

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