Troublemakers and Caretakers

Amber, Anna, Zoey, and Lexi all share an apartment together. They all work a same job, Sports Authority, but there trouble makers. So they get fired. One Direction does catch them but then doesn't turn them in. Them and the girls stay in touch. The girls loose the apartment, and money, so no food, pretty much no life. They then start to live on the streets, and steal, when one day One Direction catches them again. One Direction then takes care of them when they find out the reason why they steal and are mean. They all end up falling in love with each other.


11. A Rough Birthday So Far

*2 weeks later*

Niall's P.O.V:

    I was at the mall with the guys. It was the same mall where we met our girls. I remembered Lexi telling me it was her birthday soon, and when I woke up I realized that day was today. I told the guys, and they were excited, because maybe, just maybe, we would see them all here again. We were walking around, surprisingly not getting noticed. I saw a jewelry store. "Let's go in here, guys," I said, and they followed me inside. Again, no one noticed us. "Hello gentleman, looking for anything special?" A women asked. She had a tight black bun, red lipstick, and was very short. "Just picking out a few things for our girls," Liam said. "Well, probably the best things you could find would be over here," she said, walking over to a display case in the back. I looked inside. The diamonds were beautiful! I guess the lady noticed that to me, this was the place, so she walked away. "Hey, look at this one guys," Zayn said. We gathered around him. There was a round small blue sapphire necklace. I liked it, but I didn't think Lexi would. "Are you going to give it to Amber?" Harry asked. Zayn thought for a moment. "I think I will," he said, smiling. Everyone else decided what they were going to get, from an emerald ring for Zoey, to aquamarine earrings for Anna. Wait, I thought. What about Louis? Who is he going to get gems for? I asked him. "Well," he started, "If I do find a lucky girl soon, I hope she likes rubies." He pointed to the bag. He took a box out, and inside it was a ruby and diamond bracelet. Wow. I needed to find something fast, everyone else already got something. Then, I saw it. It was a necklace with a heart shaped diamond attached to it. I knew that that would be her present. I asked for the lady to get it out of the case, and she did so. I paid for it and out of the store we went. I was so happy when suddenly, I heard girls screaming. Not again...

Lexi's P.O.V:

    "Of all days, Lucy, you decide to do this on my birthday?! How could you!?" I lunged at her. Amber held me back. "Lexi, stop it! We got kicked out of here millions of times before, and I am not going to let you get kicked out on your birthday!" she screamed. This was all part of the plan. I chuckled. And everyone around us was believing it! "Well, its not my fault we have no food!" Lucy yelled. "Oh my God Lucy you didn't even have to be part of this 'little group'!" Lucy was kind of laughing to. "I didn't have a choice, you two were desperate!" she screamed. I screamed back. I had to say, this was actually really fun. "No we aren-" I got stopped with a hand over my mouth. It was definitely not Amber, this person had a way tighter grip. I noticed Lucy was gone. I could hear Amber screaming. Where was Zoey? We didn't say the signal yet, so she could be anywhere. I suddenly heard her screaming too. The person who got me whispered in my ear. "Time to go," he said. He ran and still held me tightly. I couldn't really tell who he was, because he had sunglasses on, but I jut went with it. We ran all the way to the outside, then went between the building, to the same dumpsters where we were with One Direction that one time. Lucy, Amber, Zoey, and Anna were already there with four other guys. I sat with the guy who was holding me. All of the boys took off there sunglasses. All of us girls screamed! "Oh my gosh we missed you so much!" I yelled, hugging Niall. He rejected it. The boys all looked very mad. I got quiet. Everyone else did, too... 

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