Troublemakers and Caretakers

Amber, Anna, Zoey, and Lexi all share an apartment together. They all work a same job, Sports Authority, but there trouble makers. So they get fired. One Direction does catch them but then doesn't turn them in. Them and the girls stay in touch. The girls loose the apartment, and money, so no food, pretty much no life. They then start to live on the streets, and steal, when one day One Direction catches them again. One Direction then takes care of them when they find out the reason why they steal and are mean. They all end up falling in love with each other.


5. A Little Visit

Amber's P.O.V:

    I woke up. I swear, when I was asleep, I thought I heard Anna crying. I looked at where she slept last night and she was gone. I looked to the other side of the dumpster. She was there, with her arms around her knees. I saw her phone in her hand. I understood now why I heard her crying. She must've told one of the boys everything. She was always the one who does. I don't blame her, if I was the prettiest in a group my boyfriend would probably beg to know everything too. I put my jacket around her and left her to sleep. Lexi and Zoey were gone too, I noticed. I looked to the next dumpster. And the next. And the next. Whoa...I saw something disturbing by that one. Anyway, I got a bit worried. They have never left before. "Amber!!!" I heard a yell from behind me and it was none other then Zoey. Next to her was Lexi. They were carrying a bucket of chicken and blankets. I ran over to them. "How'd you get those?!" They smiled. "You taught us too well," Zoey stated. Suddenly I heard Anna behind me. "Let's go," "Where?" I asked. "To the boys. Now. I have money we'll take a taxi," Anna said. I couldn't argue with that. I wanted to see them. Especially Zayn. So, off we went.

Zayn's P.O.V:

    I woke up at the flat. I smelled pancakes. Mmm. I went to the kitchen and saw Niall already eating one. Liam made them and was making more. Harry walked in the room. He looked very tired. There were bags under his eyes. "Get any sleep?" I asked. "No," he replied. "Why?" "Well..." Harry started. "Anna told me things last night...Like...Well...I can't say. If you ask Amber she'll tell you." I thought for a moment. I really liked Amber. "Here," Harry said, and was flipping through his phone and then wrote something on a piece of paper. He handed it to me. "Amber's number," he stated, and winked at me. I snatched it out of his hands. "Thank you very much," I said a sarcastically and walked to a seat at the table. Harry sat across from me. Niall looked confused, I could tell. "Hey, where's Louis?" We all waited for him to magically appear like he always did, but this time, he didn't. We heard a scream. It had to be Louis."Ouch!" Liam burned his hand from hitting the pan on the stove while running to Louis' room. I quickly got him some ice and went with the others. Louis was under his sheets crying. I gave Liam the ice. "Louis, what's wrong?" Niall whispered and patted his back. Louis got up, wiped his eyes, and walked out. He was already dressed, and he got his keys. "Where are you goi-" Harry asked, but was cut off with the front door slammed shut.

Harry's P.O.V:

We looked out the window, and Louis was in his car about to start it when he stopped. He just sat there. After 10 minutes, I decided to go out there. I wanted to know what was wrong. I went in the car and sat in the passenger's seat. I slammed the door. "Be careful! This is brand new!" He yelled. I kept calm. "Why were you acting all strange around me ever since after we met the girls?" Louis got very quiet. I waited. "I love Anna, that's why! I saw in your phone what she told you, and I died inside!" I got furious. Why did he snoop? "You looked in my phone?!" I yelled. "Yes, that's right Harry! Wouldn't you try to text the love of your life even if your love was your best friend's too?! I'm in agony!!! Its not fair!" "Louis, I've told u before! I'll get you a girl! I've been trying since after you broke up with Eleanor! But you always reject them and I think by now you would've gotten one if you just tried! Could you at least care that I'm happy?! It would mean a lot since I obviously care about you!!!" Louis yelled, "You can't just pick up any girl off the street and call her yours! Do you even know her?!" He was getting on my nerves. "Well, from what you read in my phone, I know that I do! But now, you know too, and I wasn't planning on that." I was tearing up. So was Louis. Suddenly, we heard footsteps. I looked out the window and saw four girls. One had blonde hair. Anna...

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