P.S. I Love You

Another 1shot entry..please comment and drop a like/favorite if you like it! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to link me to yours as well. I love reading them :) Thank you! Xx -Alex
Hey! I added an author's note at the end of this, so please read it. I'm trying to decide on making this into an actual book. Please leave feedback and don't be afraid to ask questions; who knows, I might learn something from answering them haha! Xx -Alex


3. Novelization

With all the positive feedback I've been receiving in terms of turning P.S. I Love You into an actual novel, I've decided to write it. What I will do is I'll make a completely new Movella for it (new cover and such), but I'll keep the picture on the cover that says p.s. I love you on the notecard. That way you know which one it is. Thank you all so so so much for the feedback I really do appreciate it. If you'll look on my profile, you'll see I have about four or five movellas up that are not finished. With this one being added onto that list, the updating will definitely be a long process. So please, have patience my lovelies and I will get it up as soon as possible. Thank you for tolerating me and my annoying as all hell author's notes. Whilst waiting for this novel to come up, please feel free to read my other posted novels (see what I did there? I'm promoting myself, heheh) and favorite them if you fancy to. I will post a final update in this book saying when I have the first couple chapters posted for you all to read, so keep your eyes and emails open and ready for it! I'm going to take my time writing it because this novel really means something to me. I'm going to write it the way that it should be written. I hope you can understand. xxx

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