P.S. I Love You

Another 1shot entry..please comment and drop a like/favorite if you like it! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to link me to yours as well. I love reading them :) Thank you! Xx -Alex
Hey! I added an author's note at the end of this, so please read it. I'm trying to decide on making this into an actual book. Please leave feedback and don't be afraid to ask questions; who knows, I might learn something from answering them haha! Xx -Alex


2. **Author's Note**

Just curious; what would you say if I turned this into an actual story? Please leave comments and feedback on what you think! I was toying with the idea and started coming up with a basic story line for it. I'll only make it if I get enough positive feedback on the idea though. So please, tell me what you think! I welcome all ideas :) Thank you for reading it! I had a lot of fun writing it. And congrats to all the winners you all deserved it! Although I'm disappointed I didn't win, I'm okay with it now. It was a good experience and opened me up to some really new writing styles and ideas :) See, there is something to be learned from everything! Like I said, please let me know what you think about this being developed into a novel. Feel free to ask questions too! Thank you so much and leave plenty of comments for me to read :) (it makes me feel famous ;) haha) Xx -Alex

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