Me,you,and the guys

I do not know if I should continue or not. I would like to know if anyone likes my book and if they think I should write more!! Thank you!!

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1. Girls night out, the encounter

Cheyenne's P.O.V.

 Violet threw her ball, "BAAAAM!!" She made a freaking strike!! Victoria was next up, but she was in the restroom so we all decided to go eat. Violet got a slice of pizza and a coke, Vannessa got a B.L.T. and water, Taylor just got a cookie, and I got a burger with fries and a beer. Victoria came out of the restroom and all of us yelled " Victoria what did you do in there fly to England to see One Direction?!?!?" We all laughed and she blushed severly and said, " If I went to England to meet One Direction I wouldn't be back here, I would be making out with Louis Tomlinson!!!! She looked at me with a teasing face. " Uh no you won' t, he is mine back off girlfriend!!!" Everyone laughed at me and said that I was a lover-girl. All of a sudden we all heard " ---- And let me kiss you!..." We screamed and started singing along.


Violet's P.O.V.

O.M.G. 'kiss you' just came on! My favorite part is Niall's part were he goes " I wanna show you off to all my friends makin' them drool off their chinny-chin-chins.." He is so cute!! Wait, who is that? He looks just like Niall!!! There's Louis!! And he's sneaking up on Cheyenne!! I ran over there just as Zayn grabs me and runs down the alley. I heard Victoria's scream muffled by something. I was set down very gently, beside Cheyenne. All I could think about was that One Direction had kidnapped me!! I love it!!!


Louis's P.O.V.

Who is that girl?! She is so beautiful, I wish I could see her eyes. Oh, wow, they are as amazing as a sea after a storm! I wish she would notice me... WAIT, she does notice me because she is staring right back at me!! If only we could talk, but she is my prisoner. And Eleanor wouldn't like me to flirt with other girls, even though she knows that I don't love her anymore. Not after what she did to me anyways. It still bugs me that she cheated on me, and now she is asking us to KIDNAP our fans. Why would we do that anyways? If only we could say no, but, she has a thing that just won't let you say no to her. Her suduction is so irresistable but at the same time unwanted.

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