The Life Of a Directioner

Well obviously this is a diary of sorts. But half isn't true. The other half is a lie. But the rest is the truth. this is basically how I wish I was and how I wish my life could be. So yeah this is just me writing so you don't have to read it but I might be able to make it interesting but I don't know so it's ur choice read it or don't read it.


2. True Directioner's Train of Thought

Okay if your wondering the title to this one actually makes sense. Every day (just not to obesessive because then the haters win!) Think about One Direction for atleast two minutes. That way if someone walks up to you and when they ask you if they can borrow a pencil you can say Harry Edward Styles was born on Feburary first 1994, then just walk away. If you turn around you will see one of two things. A look of awe that you have that memorized or a look of didgust that you have that memorized. Either way though it'll be because you have that memorized. So yeah. If you're still enjoying this click the arrow. CLICK IT!

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