The Life Of a Directioner

Well obviously this is a diary of sorts. But half isn't true. The other half is a lie. But the rest is the truth. this is basically how I wish I was and how I wish my life could be. So yeah this is just me writing so you don't have to read it but I might be able to make it interesting but I don't know so it's ur choice read it or don't read it.


3. Okay you've memorized every One Direction Fact U Can

What now? You maybe asking yourself. I have every possible One Direction fact memorized. WeLL you're wrong there are always more things you could be learning in your freetime. Everyday someting else will be added to your list of knowledge. Just a couple of days ago I was reading this book and it said that a British magazine or TV show (I'm not sure which anymore) made One Direction the worst band of that year! I promised my five fav boys than that if I ever met who said that I would ask them if they still thought so now. Also you may be reading this just to post a comment at the end about how muchof this is just obsession. I'm telling you right now I can write DEDICATION for a very long time. I've done so for hours on end and I always win. Just keep that in mind. CLICK THE ARROW NOW! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

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