The Life Of a Directioner

Well obviously this is a diary of sorts. But half isn't true. The other half is a lie. But the rest is the truth. this is basically how I wish I was and how I wish my life could be. So yeah this is just me writing so you don't have to read it but I might be able to make it interesting but I don't know so it's ur choice read it or don't read it.


1. Justin Beiber Is So Last Year

Okay so just let me refer to the title JUSTIN BIEBER IS SO LAST YEAR. Just sayin. Okay now I'll start.

What I said in the descrition? Yeah I lied so if you're expecting some sappy little story about first love. WRONG!!!!  Okay well if you want to be a true Directioner first it's pronounced lou-wee not lou-is. Err that anoys me so much! I'll ask people if they like any one in One DIrection (trick question if you're a Directioner you like them all unless they're fighting over you  then and only then can you choose a favorite) and they'll be like I like Lewis. Usually I can just walk away but nothing makes me angrier than when a so called Directioner says they are in live with Lewis. Okay first of all never going to happen cause I'm pretty sure that he's going to marry Elenor. Okay if you've survived this far and you still want to read more click the little arrow>


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