Crazy love ~One Direction love story~

Alice had been in London pretty much all her life. She has a few friends but not many. some of her friends are Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. Yes she is friends with 1D. you'd think that she would love that and have people swarming around her wanting to be her friend. But that's not the case, she mostly stays to herself so nobody bothers her. But along with these new friends comes unexpected love.


22. Chapter twenty-two: Wrong moves and wrong words.

Liam's p.o.v

She did what?! How did Lou not know about this when Alice was his girlfriend!?Finally harry gets up and kind of pushes Zayn and Niall away from Alice and wraps her in a hug. She hugs him back and i see that tears are streaming down her face Harry comes and sits back down on the couch after whispering something in her ear. There's another minute of silence before Lou speaks up and asks the question that everyone's probably thinking,"How come Zayn and Niall were the only ones that knew about this?" "Well Niall knew because he's the one that made me change my mind and saved me... Zayn knows because that's what he was comforting me about earlier before you stormed in there punched him kissed me, then a few minutes later punched me... So yeah." She informs everybody. "He punched you?! Harry Zayn and Niall practically scream. You could see the anger in their eyes. "Well she punched me first!" he protests. "Yeah but she had a reason Lou! You even said so yourself that no matter what a girl dose a guy should never put his hands on her! No matter what!" i remind him kind of loudly. He sighs then replies, "I know I know... Alice there;s something i need to tell you.." She nods and gets up. Niall takes his seat by Alyssa, Who's still in shock by everything, and Alice sits next to Zayn who instantly wraps his arms around her protectively.I look over to Harry and he has kind of a jealous look in his eyes. After a few minutes of him glancing at Alice he gets up and sits on the other side of her. I see Alice look up at Zayn and he releases her. She turns to Harry and curls into his side. Now it's Zayns tun to look jealous. I sigh. What's going on with the guys lately? I mean i know about Lou and Niall but what's up with Zayn and Harry? Niall seem to have already gotten over Alice... But Harry and Zayn don't like Alice... Right?
Harry's p.o.v.

Seeing Zayn with his arms around Alice is killing me so finally i get up and sit on the other side of her.She looks up at Zayn and he kind of nods and releases her. I smile to myself as she turns to me and kind of cuddles into my side. I instantly wrap my arms around her. she then wraps her arms around my waist and i could have sworn i felt sparks. I decide to take a chance and i kiss her on the head and i whisper in he ear,"I love you Alice." only to wish i didn't. She quickly sits up and looks at me in disbelief. I see tear start to come to her eyes. She gets up and says, "I-I can't.. I just can't." Then she runs upstairs to her room. I instantly get up and go after her. Before i go upstairs i look back into the living room and i see everybody looking at me confused. Ignore all he strange stairs they're giving me i head upstairs after Alice. When i get to her room i see that her door is actually open. I slowly walk in and sit on the edge of her bed. "Why did you run out?" i ask  concerned. She sits up and faces me and tears are silently streaming down her cheeks. "Harry do you not realize that that is exactly how Lou first asked me to go out with him? At the first house meeting, Lou ha his arm wrapped around me and my head was on his shoulder. Even though we weren't "dating" yet we had some sort of thing between us for sure... He hesitantly kissed my head and whispered in my ear,"Alice i love you... With all my heart... Will you go on a date with me?" and when you whispered that to me the memories flooded my mind. Memories of happier times and i couldn't take it. I love you too Harry but as my brother...You've always been there for me when i needed you and i thank you for that and I know i wont be able to repay you for it. I know you'll find the right girl for you sooner or later but i can assure you that it's not me." I nod and get off the bed. A tear rolls down my cheek and i leave the room.

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