Crazy love ~One Direction love story~

Alice had been in London pretty much all her life. She has a few friends but not many. some of her friends are Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. Yes she is friends with 1D. you'd think that she would love that and have people swarming around her wanting to be her friend. But that's not the case, she mostly stays to herself so nobody bothers her. But along with these new friends comes unexpected love.


24. Chapter twenty-four: new beginnings

  Niall's p.o.v

After last night at the house meeting me and Alyssa went up to my room. She said that she was tired so I let her borrow a t-shirt and some sweatpants. "You can sleep in ,uh, here or in one of the guest rooms..." I stuttered. "Do you mind if I sleep in here?" she asked oh so sweetly. I nodded. Of course I didn't mind... We then went to sleep. I had my hand entwined with hers and my other arm around her. Now I recall the memories of last night and all of the drama. Sure I was furious that Lou punched Alice but there was one thought on my mind at the moment. I wanted to ask Alyssa out. We had a local concert at a mall near by tonight and I think that's where i want to ask her to be mine. We were singing all of the songs off of the new album and a few off of the old one... I know we're singing more than this, taken, I wish, and what makes you beautiful so now I just need to choose what song I want it to be..."Niall are you okay?" I hear. I look up to see Alyssa looking at me weirdly. I smile a genuine smile and nod. "I'm perfectly fine." right now we're in the kitchen. We were the first ones up and no one else has woken up yet. Alyssa's looking through the fridge for something to eat while I'm sitting at the kitchen table planing tonight. "Hey Ni you want me to make us some eggs?" she  asks a beautiful smile on her face. I nod kind of dazed. Alyssa pulls the eggs out and I hear a door open from upstairs."is somebody actually cooking in this house besides Harry?" I hear Liam call down the stairs. He walks into the kitchen and stops when he sees me and Alyssa. I wave him in and he smiles and sits next to me at the table. I take out my phone and send a quick text to Liam.
Nialler: hey I want to ask Alyssa out tonight at the concert...
I look over at him when his phone vibrates and see a huge grin spread over his face. I slap him  on the arm and he starts typing.
Liam: I think it's a great idea!! What song are you going to sing?
Nialler: I want to sing last first kiss to her then ask her to be mine...
After he reads that he looks up and gives me an approving nod and I smile. "Liam do you want any eggs?" Alyssa asks her back still turned. I see him think it over and he finally says yes. She nods and gets more eggs out. I walk over to her and have an urge to wrap my arms around her waist but I stop myself. I move her hair and whisper in her ear," I'm going to go get dressed okay." I see her smile and turn around. Our faces are inches apart but Liam clears his throat. I take a step back and rub my neck. I see a blush slowly rise to her cheeks."Well I'm going to head upstairs to get changed..." I say my voice trailing off. "um I need to go to my house to get some clothes..." she stammers. "I'll take you after breakfast." I assure her with a wink. The blush deepens in her cheeks and that's when Liam gets up. "Let me know when breakfast is done okay." we both nod and he leaves the room. She turns to me and walks closer and wraps me in a hug. I instantly wrap my arms around her hugging her back. "thank you so much for everything Niall it means so much to me." "no problem Alyssa really. It was my pleasure I'm just happy I met you." I wanted to add 'I love you' but I stopped myself. She's going to be yours soon enough, I think to myself. Alyssa pulls away from me and points towards the stairs. I nod and exit the kitchen as she goes back over to the stove. After I get dressed I head back into the kitchen and the smell of eggs instantly fills my nose and my mouth starts watering. "Well something sure smells delicious!" I state standing in the doorway of the kitchen. She turns to face me and grins. "Right on time Ni!" I smile then hear someone clear their throat. I expect to see Liam sitting at the table but it's actually Harry. I nod to him and he gives me a wink. I roll my eyes and sit down. Alyssa serves us the food and i see that she also made bacon and toast. She takes her seat by me and I grab her hand. I pick up my fork and dig in.
                 *at the concert*
We're about to go onstage when Alyssa walks over to me and gives me a hug. "And what's that for?" I ask with a smirk. "For good luck. You guys are going to be amazing out there!" I nod. Alice is sitting on the couch behinds us with Zayn on one side, Liam on the other. Harry and Lou are standing next to me. Before I know it Paul is calling us to go onstage. We walk out and the crowd goes crazy. Harry welcomes the audience and the crowd erupts into an earsplitting sound. The music then starts and Liam starts singing more than this. The concert moves by pretty quickly and before I know it it's time for me to bring up Alyssa. Liam turns the crowds attention to me and I begin. "tonight I want to do something special for someone special... I'd ,uh, like to bring to the stage my close friend Alyssa." I turn to the sidelines of the stage and see Alyssa standing there with her mouth a gap. I wave for her to come up onstage with me. Alice gives her a little push and she makes her way to me. I take her hand and the song starts. The guys stand back and let me sing. " Baby I, I wanna know,whatcha think when your alone. Is it me yeah are you thinking of me yeah.oh we've been friends now for a while wanna know that when you smile. Is it me yeah are you thinking of me yeah. Ohhh. Girl what would you do would you wanna stay if I were to say. I wanna be last yeah baby let me be let me be your last first kiss. I wanna be first yeah wanna be the first to take it all the way like this. And if you only you. I wanna be last yeah baby let me be your last your last first kiss..." I stop for a minute and look into her eyes as I ask," Alyssa.... Would you do me the honor of being my princess?" She takes a minute, a look of pure shock on her face. "Niall.." she says sadly and I start to get worried. " I...I... Of course I will!!" A huge grin crosses over both of our faces and I open my arms and she runs into them.I spin her around and I hear the crowd cheer. We pull away and I give her a quick kiss on the cheek and she exits the stage. The boys come over and they each give me a hug. I look off to the sidelines and I see Alice bring Alyssa into a huge hug. I smile knowing that she's mine now and me and the lads finish the concert. The ride home consists of me and Alyssa holding hands like normal and her cuddling into my side. Lou was driving with Liam in the passenger seat. Me Harry and Alyssa were in the middle section of the van while Zayn and Alice were in the back doing who knows what. I looked back once and Alice was leaning against Zayn  and Zayn had his arm around her. I don't know what went on between them last night but he's been staying closer to her and has been keeping a close eye on her. When we get to the house I pull Alyssa up to my room and close the door.  I walk over to her and wrap my arms around her waist. I lean down and kiss her with passion and fireworks go off and I get a tingling sensation throughout my body. I start walking backwards until her back is against the wall. Alyssa wraps her arms around my neck and tangles her hands in my hair. We both deepen the kiss and all the wanting is in this kiss. We pull apart and I start kissing her neck. "I've been waiting for this day since I met you." I say in-between kisses. Alyssa nods and pulls my face back to hers for another passionate kiss, this one a little shorter. Once we pull away we agree to head down stairs so the guys don't suspect anything. I really do think I'm in love this time... No I know I'm in love this time.

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