Crazy love ~One Direction love story~

Alice had been in London pretty much all her life. She has a few friends but not many. some of her friends are Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. Yes she is friends with 1D. you'd think that she would love that and have people swarming around her wanting to be her friend. But that's not the case, she mostly stays to herself so nobody bothers her. But along with these new friends comes unexpected love.


25. Chapter twenty-five: The question


(i hope you guys like it and ill try to update as soon as i can and if u have any ideas please leave me a comment telling me what they are cuse i have nothing for chapter 26)   Alice's p.o.v
We're on our way home from the concert where Niall and Alyssa made it official. Ever since the accident last night Zayn's been staying  closer to me and has been keeping an eye on me. Lou's driving and Liam's in the passenger seat. Harry Niall and Alyssa are in the middle and me and Zayn are sitting in the back. He has his arm wrapped around me and i'm leaning against his side. I see Niall look back and give me a strange look but i just brush it off and he turns back around to Alyssa. Every now and then i'll catch myself rubbing my wrist and then Zayn'll look down to and rub my arm and whisper in my ear things like," It'll be okay Alice... Everything going to be fine now." I lay my head on his side and close my eyes. A few minutes later we pull up to the flat. We get out and go into the flat and Niall and Alyssa go up to Niall's room and everybody else heads into the living room. I start to follow behind everyone but Zayn grabs my arm and stops me. Without saying anything he pulls me out of the front door and down the street. Their flat is right by the beach so my mind instantly thought that that's where he's taking me. And i'm right. A few minutes later we arrive at the beach. He pulls me into the sand and we stop real quick to take our shoes off. Shoes in one hand we walk down the shore. "Why'd you bring me here?" I ask softly. "So you could clear your head... I could tell that you were distracted today." I nod and look up at him. He has a thoughtful look on his face. "What are you thinking about?" He stops and looks down at me. "Alice do you believe what i said last night?" I look down not wanting to answer him. I dig my toes into the sand thinking of how to change the subject. I really want to believe Zayn but i just don't know if i can. I've already hurt pretty much everyone else and i really don't want to hurt him. "Zayn i... i really don't know. I have this feeling that someone's going to get hurt." I whisper. Zayn tilts my head up to where i'm looking him in the eyes and brushes the hair out of my face. He starts to lean in but i don't stop him. Soon our lips connect. Fireworks go off just like when he kissed me last night. I feel sparks running through me but i pull away. "Zayn what does this have to do with anything that happened last night?" I ask getting a little aggravated. He sighs."Alice... I've already told you that you could never hurt me the only thing i'm worried about is that i might end up hurting you." For a minute i actually think about stomping my foot but i stop myself not wanting to look like a spoiled little kid. "Zayn!" "What!" "Never mind..." I stop myself not wanting to get into an argument with him. "Alice why wont you believe me?" "Zayn it's not that i wont... I want to but..." "But what? Are you scared that this relationship will end like yours and Lou's? Cause i can assure you that i'm nothing like jerk of a guy you called a boyfriend." Well that stung. Tears start to well up in my eyes and Zayn quickly wipes them away. "Alice i didn't mean it like that... I'm sorry." " I-It's okay." I say my voice cracking. Zayn wraps his arms around me in a secure hug. "Zayn... Do you know why Lou changed?" I ask quietly. He sighs and looks down. "You do don't you? Who else knows?" I ask frantically "All of the guys know.." He mumbles. Tears come to my eyes again and i state, "So Liam lied to me..." He nods and we start walking again. I take out my phone and send a text to the guys except for Zayn of course  To:Lou, Hazz,Liam, and Niall: You guys have some explaining to do to me when i get home!
I put my phone back in my pocket and turn my attention back to Zayn He gives me a confused look but i just shake my head. We keep walking for a little bit before he pulls me to a stop. Zayn turns me to face him and grabs my hand. "Alice... I really want you to give me a chance. Let me prove to you that i can treat you better than that piece of tra-  I mean Lou ever did. i'm nothing like him. I'm not a drunk, and i know how to treat a girl right. Please just give me a chance." He pleads.  I take a deep breath and simply say, "I'll give you an answer soon." He nods and then runs in the water taking my hand an pulling me in with him. Before i'm too far into the water i throw my shoes back into the sand so they wont get wet.  We spend at least an hour splashing each other and laughing. It's around ten thirty when we finally calm down and go sit in the lawn chairs that are sitting in the sand that someone must have left here. We catch our breath from laughing a sit there under the stars. "Yes..." I whisper. I see a smile cross over Zayn's face as he replies, "You wont regret it i promise." "But we can't tell the guys yet... Not until every things settled." He nods in agreement and takes my hand and we sit there ,away from drama, in the cool evening night.
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