My crazy life

Compared to my BBC Sherlock this is my elementary one. You know, the TV show. Sooo yeah. I decided to write two. Since I like both equally. Jennet cannot sleep any night without figuring out who killed her parents. But when she is introduced to a certain someone, maybe...just maybe will she find out who killed her parents. But will this someone become too distracted to help her? Find out. Read my crazy life


2. Starting the new case

I woke up in my apartment with the bright sun in my face and shielded it with my hands. I forgot to close the window blindes last night. Then I realized, last night was the first time I actually got some real sleep. The bags under my eyes had disappear replaced by healthy skin and I could fully open my eyes. I felt like I was missing something, though. I reached under my pillow to stretch and felt a peice of paper. Right when I touched it, I remembered. I was supposed to meet Sherlock at 9:00!!! Oh crap, I thought. I needed this case to be solved. I snapped my head over to the alarm clock and it said, 8:50. Only 10 minutes? Ugh. I quickly threw on some black skinny jeans and a light shirt. Then I quickly French braided my hair and did the normal things to get ready. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked pretty decent. Because Sherlock was pretty attractive so I had to look somewhat good. 8:55 and I had only 5 minutes to get a taxi and be there. I grabbed my phone and purse and threw on some combat boots. "TAXI!" I yelled. Yet again a taxi pulled up in front of me and I told him to go to this café Sherlock told me to meet him at. On the ride, I was fiddling with my bracelet. Did I look good enough? Would he be impressed? I told myself not to worry about it. Him and Joan are already together probably. We pulled up in front of the café and to my surprise, I was exactly on time. 9:00 sharp I think he said. And I was there. I take another deep breath and tell myself not to worry again. But as soon as I saw him I got butterflies in my stomach. I think I would have to drink something strong in order to have a conversation with this guy. "Hello", he said. I nodded in his direction. "You look better", he simply stated. Oh, thank god. But funny. This was the first time I actually noticed his British accent. I took me back by surprise. "Well I finally got some sleep. You look less... Tense." He laughed. "What?" He smiled. "I'm always tense, sweetheart." I shot him a look. And if looks could kill, I swear he would be on the ground right now. As I sat down, a lady came over to take our order. "And ma'am what would you like?" "A coffee black." Sherlock looked surprised. "Not eating? Of course not. Your too nervous to eat. You find me attractive and can barely hold a conversation without something strong." I looked impressed but not blushing or anything. "Impressive. And all that is true. But how do you do that?" "I can see everything in this room right now." I noticed our faces were just inches apart. "Tell me what the girl over there is thinking." "Well I can tell that she was young when she left the house because her parents were drug addicts and now she is 18 and seems very used to the environment in New York on her own. So she is thinking that she's going to move out of the city to get further away from her parents. Most likely London where I'm from." I nodded and the lady came over with our coffee. I took a sip and said, "so will you take the case?" Our faces were still inches apart when he nodded and kissed me on the cheek.

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