My crazy life

Compared to my BBC Sherlock this is my elementary one. You know, the TV show. Sooo yeah. I decided to write two. Since I like both equally. Jennet cannot sleep any night without figuring out who killed her parents. But when she is introduced to a certain someone, maybe...just maybe will she find out who killed her parents. But will this someone become too distracted to help her? Find out. Read my crazy life


1. Day 1

I was walking to the NYPD(New York Police Department) buildings where all the detectives work. I needed my sleep and I needed help. My parents death had been all over the news. And I needed special help. Yes, my parents were murdered if you haven't figured that out yet. They haven't found the killer though and it's slowly slipping out of their hands. I hadn't gotten sleep for 4 days straight and my eyes had bags under them. So I wore a hood over my head. As I arrived at the glass see through door, I take a deep breath and push it open. I check in for an appointment with the head inspector and sit in the waiting area. I have visited here alot before. I'm even applying for a job here. "Jennet." The head inspector said. I smiled and shook his hand. As he offered me a seat in his office, I sat down. "So why have you come here today? What reason?" He asked. "Well", I said. "I- I want to find out who killed my parents." I took my hood off and revealed the bags under my eyes. He nodded. "Well, I'm afraid there's only one guy I know that can help you." He wrote an address down on a peice of paper and handed it to me. "I am extremely busy so I'm going to have to ask you to leave." He rushed me out the door and I was left on the street with this address. Blah blah blah. Sherlock Holmes consulting detective...what the heck? Is that even a job? Blah blah blah. Ok I found the address. This will be interesting. "TAXI!" I yelled on the street. One pulled up in front of me and asked me an address. I told him and we sped along me not knowing what I would turn up to.
I took another deep breathe and knocked on the door. To my surprise it was a lady with black hair... She looked Asian and pretty: she was about to go out for a run. "Uhhhh, I'm looking for-" I looked at the slip of paper. "Sherlock Holmes." She nodded. "Come in. My names Joan Watson. Sherlock!!!" She called. Someone came rushing down the stairs. He looked rather attractive. "Uhhh, who's this?" Joan looked at me. "Oh, Jennet Hamilton. I assume Sherlock Holmes?" He nodded. "Sooo, what do you want?" "Well, see my parents were murdered and I went to head inspector and he told me to come to you. It's been all over the news." He looked at me and smiled. "Well we can talk about it more at breakfast tomorrow. At this address at precisely 9:00 AM. Good night!" I nodded at Joan, then Sherlock and left. This was going to be a long night.

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