Hidden Under The Darkness *Coming Soon*

The Three Untocuhables. The three girls in the entire town that were off limits unless you wanted to deal with Liam Payne. Teressa DeCrusise, Brenda Beton, and Delilah Gorden were the three girls claimed by Liam. No one was to flirt, date, or sleeping around with any of them. They were off limits to all the males and if nessecary all the females in the town. Two years after this rule is set people break the rules on two of the girls, but the rule stays placed on Teressa, until she finally breaks away from Liam. When she finds out what happened all those years ago, it doesn't just anger her, but disgusts her. After confronting Liam, a few days later her boyfriend Matthew appears dead, and Teressa has a pretty good clue who killed him adn she won't stop until he is brought to justice. But can she keep her own feelings in check as she starts the quest to bring him to justice?


2. Prologue

All For The Best


~Teressa's POV~  

"What class do you have next?" The kind blue eyes boy in front of me asked. Two weeks. We had been together all of two weeks, and he had turned my life around. I had gone from the gone from the lonely, single girl to the girl who was loved and cherished.  

"Study hall, but Ms. Polen isn't here today so we get a free day." I said while wrapping my arms around his waist. We were currently leaning against the wall of the building as the people around us rushed to their lockers or classes.  

"I always forget that you're taking study hall." He said while nuzzling his nose in my hair, Matthew Richards was mine and I was his. We had known each other since we were 12 and according to him he has had a crush on me since then.  

"Matthew?" I ask him places a small kiss on my jaw before he places other on my cheek.  

"What's wrong?" He asks concern washing over his features as he stares at my face. I guess the sudden reminder that it took him so long to actually ask me out have me the courage to finally ask him.  

"Why did it take you over five years to finally ask me out?" I asked him and he frowns before kissing my lip. I don't respond to his kiss wanting an answer to my question before I do. I watch him look around before sighing and nodding his head.  

"So I am guessing you don't know?" He said while letting my waist go and running his fingers through his hair. I reach out and remove his hand while fixing his hair with my fingers trying to calm him down. Whatever the reason was, it had him stressing and that scared me to know what the reason he hadn't asked me out was.   

"What don't I know?" I asked entwining our fingers letting him calm me down, but he was so nervous that holding his hand only seemed to make me even more nervous.  

"That you were part of the three." He said looking around making sure that no one was listening in to our conversation. Luckily though a majority of the people that had been around had disappeared to either lunch or to their classes.  

"Part of the three what, the three musketeers?" I joked as Matthew kept his face completely serious, not even cracking a smile at my smile joke.   

"Part of the three untouchables," he said before sighing once again. "You were one of the three girls that Liam said never to touch and you were the only one that everyone kept their hands off of." He said speaking of my old best friend Liam Payne.  

"What the hell are you taking about?" I said completely confused on whatever Matthew was talking about. "The three untouchable, where the hell are getting all this shit from; a simple I wasn't sure you liked me too would have sufficed." I said somewhat outraged that he would makeup from random lie to explain to me why it too him five years to finally ask me out.  

"Back in 7th grade do you remember how you dated Lane, only to have him suddenly break up with you the next day?" Matthew asked bringing up the time I dated one of my very good friends. He had asked me out and it had taken me almost an entire week to finally answer him yes. Only to have him change his mind the next day, saying that he felt like I was pity dating him.  

"Yeah, we broke up because he said that he didn't feel like I was committed to the relationship and he didn't want to force me into something I didn't want." I explained to Matthew who only shook his head at me.  

"He broke up with you because Liam to him to break up with you. Lane really liked you, but when Liam threatened him, Lane decided to lie instead of telling you the cold hard truth. From that day forward whenever anyone ever showed any interest in you, Liam would threaten them before they had a chance to act." Matthew explained wrapping his arms around my waist as the final bell to get to class rings. "After you had a falling out with him, I saw my chance and decided to finally ask you out. That's why it took so long, because I had to wait for the perfect moment to ask you." He said before kissing my lips and turning to walk me to class.  

"I actually need to stop by my locker first; I'll see you after school okay?" I told Matthew who reluctantly nodded before heading off to the cafeteria where he usually spent his free period at. I walk in the direction that I usually do to head to my locker, before making a right instead of a left and heading in a new direction. I walk through the corridors of the school for about five minutes trying to avoid the security guards that roamed the halls. I finally am able to pass through the halls and I make my way to the side of the school I knew he was always at.  

~Liam's POV~  

"She was stupid to think it was more than a fuck." Christan joked as we sat at the benches in the back of the school laughing at what had happened to the poor lad. Apparently last night he had fucked one of the main leaders of the student council, one of the goody goodies and she had thought that he actually liked her. He broke her poor delusional dreams after getting what he wanted in the first place.  

"Who was this again?" Toby asked who had been zoned out for the majority of the conversation, but that wasn't anything new.  

"Trisha Jacobson, that naïve little bitch who thinks she is above us all." Christan laughed before taking other swing of the Monster energy drink that was in his hand. "Crazy ass bitch likes things kinky, and trust me I did not mind at all." We continue joking around and laughing until Toby's eyes falls on a certain black haired girl who was angrily walking this way. Her black hair was blown back with the wind as she almost runs our way with hatred and anger clear in her eyes even from about twenty feet away. I knew she was looking for me, who else she would be looking for. I stand up and stride over meeting her about halfway, before she raised her hand and slapped me across the cheek. I stand there stunned as the rest of the guy laughed behind me.  

"Who do you think you are, commanding my life as if I was your little play toy." She seethed at me, her usually pale face, completely red with anger.  

"I don't know what you're talking about we haven't even talked in over six months. How do you want me to control your life when I am not even a part of it anymore?" I asked her completely unfazed from the hit that I had suffered.  

"You threatened anyone that ever showed any interest in me. You made me feel like there was something wrong with, that no one wanted me because I was too much or too little of something. You made me think that everyone hated me." She yelled stabbing my chest with her small fingers as she let me know everything I had made her feel. "And all because I was a part of the three untouchables." She said letting her hand drop to her side in defeat.  

"I was trying to protect you." I answer her sternly causing her to stare at me in disbelief that those words had come out of my mouth.  

"Protecting me, Liam James Payne you were the entire reason behind my suffering." She shouted at me. "You wanna know what I learned today?" She asked me as I watched Toby and Christan get up and walk away before things got too bad. I don't respond to her and eventually she gives up waiting for my answer and let's me know what was told. "Today, I was told you had dibs on me as if I was the last slice of pizza. Liam, I had to hear from my boyfriend that the last three years you kept every single male away from me because you wanted me all to yourself. If you wanted me so bad Liam why not ask me out! Why go around fucking random whore like Brenda and Delilah?" She asked completely stunning me with her words. It was true, when I first met Teressa we had been complete enemies. We hated each other with such a burning passion, that it took the death of my sister who had been her best friend to bring us together. But when I finally got to know the girl behind my hatred, I learned she was just utterly amazing. I wanted her all to myself, for no one but myself to touch her. I couldn't that though I loved her to much to ruin her life. So instead I scared everyone else away, having money like I do came with it's privileges. I could make people disappear without a trace and I used that to my advantaged.  

"Your faggot of a boyfriend told you this?" I asked Teressa who only shook her head at me before laughing humorlessly.  

"You don't understand Liam you aren't in charge of my life, you don't get to control who I speak too. If I want to flirt, talk to, or even just straight up fuck any random guy. I have the right to do it because you aren't my father or brother, hell you said it yourself you aren't a part of my life anymore." She stated before turning on her heel and heading in the direction she came from. "If I ever hear you making threats that those again, I will personally make your life a living hell." She sneered before walking away as her black flats got covered with small blades of grass as she walks away. I watch as he disappears before pulling out my phone an calling the one person who can solve this problem.  

"Domingo, I need to you get rid of a problem." I commanded the person on the phone as they answer.  

"Of course, whose the lucky lad?" They asked as I looked around in case anyone returned. Once I saw the coast was clear I make sure to speak low enough for only Domingo to hear.  

"Matthew Richards." I heard the clicking of keys before Domingo's voice spoke again.  

"How would you like him taken care of?" He asked a bit of humor in his voice as he asks what I want done.  

"I want him brutally murder, I want everyone to see what happens when they open their mouths and say things they aren't supposed to." I said before walking in the same direction that Teressa had just walked in.  

"Consider it taken care of, boss."

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