Hidden Under The Darkness *Coming Soon*

The Three Untocuhables. The three girls in the entire town that were off limits unless you wanted to deal with Liam Payne. Teressa DeCrusise, Brenda Beton, and Delilah Gorden were the three girls claimed by Liam. No one was to flirt, date, or sleeping around with any of them. They were off limits to all the males and if nessecary all the females in the town. Two years after this rule is set people break the rules on two of the girls, but the rule stays placed on Teressa, until she finally breaks away from Liam. When she finds out what happened all those years ago, it doesn't just anger her, but disgusts her. After confronting Liam, a few days later her boyfriend Matthew appears dead, and Teressa has a pretty good clue who killed him adn she won't stop until he is brought to justice. But can she keep her own feelings in check as she starts the quest to bring him to justice?


4. Flashback

Hidden In the Darkness:


{Teressa's POV}


~Two years ago~


"Tessa!" Liam shouted from across the street, where he stood with some of his friends. "Tessa, come here!" Liam shouted even taking the step of jogging over to where I stood with my work uniform still on. "Hey, Tessa." Liam says pulling me into his arms to greet with me as hug.

"What do you want Liam?" I said taking a few steps towards my house, hoping he would either leave or follow.

"Just coming over to ask how your day was." He said sending me a cheeky but concerned smile. It was weird that those two completely opposite emotions could so easily appear on his face.

"I am fine, just another long day at work." I said sighing in reminder of my horribly long and painful day at work.

"Why don't you come hang out with your pot heads to relax a bit." Liam's friend Jason said referring to the nickname that I had given Liam and his friends.

"Jason you know how I feel about all that." I said stopping at my front door to fish my keys out of my purse.

"Come on Tess, you're mom isn't home and I need a driver back." Liam said becoming part of the argument. "I'll even let you wait in the car, if that helps you feel better." He said fishing out his keys out of his pocket and giving them a small shake in front of me. I knew that I shouldn't give to Liam, but I would rather want to sit in a car for two hours then to let Liam drive himself high.

"Let me go change." I sighed finally giving up on trying to find my keys and grabbing the one that we keep hidden in the small pot of flowers beside the door.

"Can I come watch?" Jason hollered from the front door which instantly was followed by a loud smack. "What! I didn't say anything wrong!" Jason shouted causing Liam to probably smack him again since there another shout from Jason before the slamming of the door shut echoed around the house.




After a relaxing cold shower I decide to change into a simple pair of black skinny jeans and a black v-neck. I pick the comfy pair of black on black converse to go along with the rest of the black outfit. This was usual pattern whenever I went out without my mom knowing. Even though my mom wasn't home at the moment, that didn't mean I wasn't going to be sneaking back inside.

"Tessa are you ready to go?" Liam said walking in not even bothering to knock. "I am guessing that's a no?" He teased seeing that I was standing in the middle in only my bra and a pair of underwear.

"Liam get out!" I shout grabbing my shoe and throwing at him until he gets the message that he should probably get out.

"But I was enjoying the view." He whined from the other side of the door that I shut and locked.

"You're a perv." I shout at him before slipping on my clothes and shoes, before tying my hair up in a simple ponytail. This wasn't the first time I had gone with Liam and his friends and I learned after the first time not to leave your hair down.

"Ready to go?" Liam asked with a smirk seeing that I was now fully dressed as I opened the door.

"Yes." I said grabbing the spare keys to my car since I was too lazy to go search for my keys in my purse. "How long do you plan on being gone?"

"Only about four hours." Liam said before grabbing my hand and pulling me out the house. "Can we take your car?" He asked seeing that my car was a sleek black color with black rims that I had bought only a few weeks backs when these trips started become more frequent.

"Yeah." I said tossing him the keys, since I was too lazy to actually drive there. It's been about two weeks since I had been to Stoner Lake. Which is what the kids at my schools called the lake where most of the smoking sessions happened in this town. Stoner Lake was the lowest point a person could fall and it was rare to even mention it at my school. I went to a prep academy where we didn’t do drugs on the weekends, but instead spent our weekends studying and working hard to make top of the class. Me taking the risk of being spotted around the lake with Liam was a big enough risk of my parents finding out through the parents of any of my peers.

“Come on, Tess you need to relax a bit.” Liam teased as he pulled me towards my car that stood out in the middle class neighborhood. When we had gone bankrupted last year our cars were the only things that we kept selling everything valuable to anyone who would buy it. 

"Your form of relaxing isn't exactly what I had in mind." I said opening the window so the cool evening breeze could flow through the car. After a few minutes the crisp clean air started to stink with the familiar smell that I had learned to identify. I roll up my window as Liam inhales the scent that had managed to sneak in. 

"Don't you just love that smell?" He asked driving for a little bit longer before finally turning into then opening that lead to the lake. 

"The smell of weed, crack, meth and a bunch of other drugs? No I hate the smell." I reply to Liam who only laughed and shook his head at me before parking the car in his usual spot. "Don't worry Angel, I won't wonder too far in so it's easier for you to find me." He whispered in my ear before placing a kiss on my cheek and slipping out of the car. Before Liam disappeared into the forest he sent me a small wave which I returned before locking my doors and slipping into the backseat for a short nap. Once I found a comfortable position I closed my eyes hoping that sleep would just wash over me, but it didn't seem that was going to happen tonight. I felt my thoughts fall on other things and after about other twenty minutes of trying to sleep I just gave up. My mind kept wondering what side of Liam I was going to get tonight. Over the last six months of coming with him I had seen so many sides of him that I had lost track of how many at about ten. I have seen the moody, happy, sad, angry, murderous, funny, and horny side of Liam and out of all of them the scariest by far is his horny side. Luckily for me I had only seen that side twice in the many times that I had accompanied Liam here. That side of him can be persuasion and even after pushing him away about ten times he still manages to leave me like putty in his hands. 




"Tessa, oh Tessa wakey wakey." I heard a voice sing lowly to me which only caused me to close my eyes tighter to make it go away. "Teressa." They called out again, but this time so recognized the owner of the voice. 

“Go away, Liam.” I said pushing him away from me as I cuddle deeper into the seat of my car, hoping Liam would feel some pity and let me sleep. 

“Tessy.” He laughs out that horrid nickname he gave me a few months back. “Come on, Tessy please wake up.” Liam said nudging my neck with his nose as he lays down somehow next to me in the backseat of my car. 

“Liam stop, you’re high.” I said pushing him away before getting my hands grabbed and pinned down beside me. 

“Maybe I am, maybe I am not, you don’t know.” He said smirking down at me before placing his head back into the crook of my neck causing me to squirm under his touch. “Stop moving.” He roughly scolded me before placing a gentle kiss on the base of my neck. 

“Liam stop!” I shout causing him to place his lips on mine to get me stop talking. 

“Stop talking.” He mutters onto my lips as he moves his lips against mine. “This doesn’t require any talking.” As soon as I heard the way his voice changed from his usual voice to a deeper, rougher version of his voice I knew what mood he was in today. 

“Liam, I am not going to do this in the backseat of my car!” I shouted hoping to buy some time to get Liam to calm down and think clearly before either of us allows this to go any further. 

“Then why aren’t you driving yet?” He whispers into my ear before giving my sides a small pinch before getting off of me so I could get up and drive us home. 


Author’s Note: 

You shall never know what happened when they got home…it will forever be a secret. I am just kidding I’ll write other flashback later maybe in Liam or Teressa’s POV and you’ll find out (: 

So this story hasn’t officially started yet, but I had a burst of inspiration and decided to write this chapter. I hope you guys like, because it took me about a month to finish writing.


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