Hidden Under The Darkness *Coming Soon*

The Three Untocuhables. The three girls in the entire town that were off limits unless you wanted to deal with Liam Payne. Teressa DeCrusise, Brenda Beton, and Delilah Gorden were the three girls claimed by Liam. No one was to flirt, date, or sleeping around with any of them. They were off limits to all the males and if nessecary all the females in the town. Two years after this rule is set people break the rules on two of the girls, but the rule stays placed on Teressa, until she finally breaks away from Liam. When she finds out what happened all those years ago, it doesn't just anger her, but disgusts her. After confronting Liam, a few days later her boyfriend Matthew appears dead, and Teressa has a pretty good clue who killed him adn she won't stop until he is brought to justice. But can she keep her own feelings in check as she starts the quest to bring him to justice?


3. Final Goodbyes

All for the Best  

Chapter 1  

~Teressa's POV~  

"And he will forever be remembered as the ambitious young man he was. Now let us join in prayer as we finally let go our young brother Matthew Richards to be in God's kingdom." The woman next to me takes my hand in hers and raised them to my shoulder's height in prayer. I wasn't paying attention at all; I just went along with whatever the priest said. At the moment I was nothing but an empty shell, the same empty shell that only a week ago was full of life.  

"You know, Matthew would always talk about you." The woman next to me suddenly said, capturing my attention from my own self depression to her.  

"I am sorry. What?" I said looking at her with confusion as she looked at me with only sadness and pity in her eyes.   "Matthew, you two were together weren't you?" She asked and it felt strange to say that we once were together and no longer is. The past tense was one of painful things that I have ever heard. Having now to constantly say everything in the past tense, he was a good person, we were once together. Those words hurt to say, and honestly I don't know how much longer I can bear.  

"Yes." I said not even bothering to add the part that we once were.  

"He spoke a lot about you all the time, he would never shut up." She said as a lazy smile made its way onto her lips. "It was one of the most adorable things ever, you could see how much he loved, no how much he loves you." She said making it know that she still strongly believed that he loves. I knew he did, even after been brutally murdered, I know, that where ever he is, he loves me.  

"I miss him." I confess to the woman who I still had no clue who she was.  

"We all do sweetie, but there is nothing we can do." She said while taking my hand in her's and giving it a right squeeze before returning to going back to paying attention to the service. "Come on." She said pulling me up and leading me out of the church as everyone else stayed seated.  

"Where are we going?" She said while leading me towards the front of the church as my black gown trailed behind me. "A bride in black" my friend Allison had said while helping me get ready this morning. When we reach there, Matthew's family stood crowded around the shining black coffin.  

"Teressa." His mother spoke taking a step away from her family towards me. Her black dress was about knee length long, with no decoration at all. Just a sleek black dress that seemed to match the aura that floated around the church. So much sadness and grief seemed to crowd the air around us. It made it almost unbearable. "Would you like to speak?" She asked motion to the podium had been standing at the moment stood Matthew's brother speaking about his brother.  

"Yes, please." I pleaded and with so much heartbreak in her blue eyes that matched Matthew's exactly she motioned with her eyes for me to go ahead. I watched as Eric, Matthew's brother, said his last word before slowly making my way to the podium. I stand with my arms holding tightly onto the sides of the podium so I wouldn't fall down sobbing. "One week ago," I pause looking around the room seeing all the different faces around the room. "No, Matthew wouldn't want us to sit here and think negative. He would want me to stand here and remind you all of the good memories." I said while looking around in my mind for the right memories to share with everyone. "I remember the day that I first met Matthew; it will forever go down as one of the most embarrassing days ever. It was the first day of school in seventh grade, and for some strange reason, I was a bit clumsier than usual. I had been walking towards my table during lunch, when I literally stumble into Matthew, who was carrying a tray of spaghetti and unlucky for me I was wearing white that day. From that day on whenever he saw me he called me his spaghetti girl." I said smiling towards the end of my story as I remember all the times he had called me "his spaghetti girl". I kept talking before saying my final goodbyes to the one who had stolen my heart and mended the pieces of my broken heart. I send a kiss into the air before walking off the podium, past Matthew’s family and towards the exit of the church. We lived a small community and the majority of it was inside the church so outside it was like a ghost town. I stand outside my hands against the rails of the steps of the church with my head held down and tears running down my face. I had been so out of it that I hadn’t even noticed that someone had appeared next to me until they cleared their throat. I wipe away all the tears that fallen smearing a good bit of my makeup in the process, but I could always fix it up later. “Do you need something?” I asked not even bothering to raise my head and meet the eyes of whoever was standing next to me.  

“I am sorry for your lost.” I hear a familiar voice say but by the time my mind processes whose voice it is they are long gone. I stand stilling hearing the soft deep voice echoing around me in the air as I try and figure out if that was a figment of my imagination or reality. After a while I feel a soft hand on my shoulder.  

“Teressa, we need to go.” My best friend, Jordan, says with a pitiful expression as she leads me down the steps of the church to her car. After a seemingly long and silent car ride we arrive to the cemetery where Matthew was going to be buried. The church service had been opened up to the entire town but the burial was only for family and friends. Jordan and Lorianna, who were my two closest friends, were the only two who were actually allowed in that didn’t fall into either category. We sat down in the chairs that had been placed around, Jordan to my left and Lorianna to my right. I sat down and let my eyes wander around at the different people here. The entire football and basketball team was here seeing that Matthew played both basketball and football. Matthew’s family even parts of his family that seemed so distant that they didn’t even look related. A good bunch of his friends from school that he had grown up with along with the newer friends he had made once high school had started. Matthew was loved not only by me but by all these other people and now he was never going to be seen again. His warm smile and friendly gestures were forever gone. The way he kissed my nose when I would say stupid things or the way he always walked me to class are gone. I hadn’t even been paying attention at all to what had been going on because the next thing I knew they were lowering his coffin into the ground. The sudden terror and fear of losing him finally hit and I bolted up out of my chair screaming for them not to put him in. Everyone seems to pause and look at me some terrified of the insane person I appeared other sending my pitiful and sad looks. Jordan and Lorianna whisper something to each other before I feel them grab my arms and lead me away from the burial.  

“Tessa calm down it’s going to be okay.” Lorianna whispers while pulling me into a tight hug. Jordan’s arms also pull me into a hug and in the middle of the cemetery. For about the twentieth time this past week I break down in tears.  


I was in my living room still in the large black gown that I had worn to Matthew’s funeral that was about an hour ago. Lorianna and Jordan had decided to bring me back home where we were going to have a movie night to try and cheer me up. My parents had agreed and even left on a short notice dinner out to leave us the entire house to ourselves. They both knew that the majority of this movie night was going to be spent trying to get me to actually socialize and smile. That there was a very high chance that fifty percent of today was going to be spent comforting me.  

“Jordan, take her upstairs and help her get changed.” I hear Lori command Jordan who only hums an okay before she comes and helps me off the couch. We walk up the stairs of my house to the second floor where my room was located at.  

“Do you think you’ll be okay taking a shower and getting changed alone?” Jordan asks me while leading me to the edge of my bed and allowing me to sit down.  

“I’m 17 not 7, Jo.” I snap at her which causes her to only frown at my bad attitude. I knew I shouldn’t be rude to her or Lori. All they were trying to do it help me out, but I needed someone to lash out my frustrations too and they were the closest people I could find.  

“I am only trying to help you Tessa.” Jordan snaps right back me probably losing her patience with me. I let out a deep sigh before raising my line of vision from the floor to Jordan who looked with disappointment clear in her eyes.  

“I am sorry. I am just tired and it’s been a really long day.” I said and Jordan’s eyes instantly softened at the reminder of today’s events.  

“I know come on go take a shower and get changed so we can have our movie night.” She said motioning to the bathroom with her head before walking out and closing the door behind her as she leaves. I sit there for other few minutes before finally deciding to get up and take a shower, but before I even reach the bathroom I hear the buzz of my phone signaling I had received a text. I search around me before spotting my clutch on my purple desk that sat on the other side of my room. I lift my body off my bed and walk over to my clutch to search for the familiar blue covered iPhone. I type in the pass code and click on the message icon that had a red one next to it notifying me of the unread message.  

From: Blocked Number  

I am sorry for your lost.  



Author's Note:   

I would really love some feedback on this story you guys. I don't know if this idea idea is even any good and if it's not please tell me so I can scrap the idea and come up with something better. So just a simple comment on if you like it or not would really be amazing.   

I won't be updating this story until I at least finish Cover Up, but I will be writing for it whenever I have time. But unless I see that you guys are actually reading I will probably just give up and delete this story.  

IN GOOD NEWS!! THE TAKE ME HOME TOUR STARTED TODAY! I will sadly not be going...but if any of you guys go please comment how it went. Thanks xD   


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