On Powdered Ground

A little ... thing. I've got, from Agnes Obel's song, On Powdered Ground. Go check it out, give her some more credit.


2. Circus

Humming, happily, as she went, almost jumped, down the road, with her three balloons bound around her left, and right hand, as around her belly, Katie were on her way to a big circus. Apparently the biggest ever coming to Oxford. She got the three balloons from places like in trees, and under rooftops, where she only was lucky enough to get them, because the lady on the 9th floor thought it was hers. Her blue eyes were constantly noticing everything, as she went along. The world was big, and there was alot to look at, she already knew that. 

When she finally got close enough to the big achievement, The Circus, as it was called, she started to get these... creeps. Like, when you're jumping on a rollercoaster, that you once was really afraid of, but now is dying to try. 

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