valentines day!


1. my 2013 valentines day

Avery's POV

Right when I wake up I was greeted by a loving Louis, over flowing me with kisses. "Hey love", he said. "Hey, so what do we have planned today." I say pecking a kiss in his cheek. "Well I don't know you'll just have to find out for yourself" he said running down stairs. So I ran after him then as I was entering my way to the kitchen table there was a romantic breakfast set out for two. It was one of the sweetest things ever. "Mmmm that looks delicious" I say rubbing my stomach. "I'm starved, lets eat" Louis says motioning to the food. He had made eggs, bacon, chocolate milk, and pancakes. When we done eating he told me to go get dressed "nice". So I did I went up stairs and put on a yellow tight dress with the top cut low with a little black clutch and black stilettoes. And with that off we went we hopped into Louis' car and he  starts driving away to some where that doesn't look quite familiar. Then he pulls up to a cute small cabin but as I try to get out he blindfolds me. "Louis what was that for" I scream. "It's a surprise" he yells. He the starts to guide me out of the car and towards something. "Louis where are we going" I ask. "Well your a curios little one  but I'm sorry you'll just have to find out yourself". We keep walking a little ways but then we finally arrive. "You ready" he ask. "Ready more then ever" I scream. He them revels to ,e the beautiful lake with the sun perfectly reflecting on it with a romantic picnic under a willow tree. "Wow Louis it's breathtaking". I say making my way over to the tree. He then instantaneously turns me around into his arms giving me a billion little kisses, but he then stops and hands me a red rose with a...ring on it. "Louis what is this" "It's a promise ring that has both of our names on it." "Louis, I say stumbling on my words, this is indescribable thank you so much it's so lovely." Your welcome, Avery I love you." "I love you too Louis.

The End

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