Little things

About a young girl who finds a boy and has no idea it's part of one d they go in a lot of series of mishaps soon things go down hill about apperence things change after she agrees to a makeover


1. Heart beat

I went to the beach with my sister destiny but we call her dest she asked to go in the lake I said sure be back by noon we gtg to lunch k with grandma she said k and left I lied ont the chair someone came up behind and around me and set up the lawn chair I took a glance as he
Went to his cooler to get some coke his lawn chair was nice it had a bolt in umbrella and expanded at the perfect length, in like mine old dirty white no umbrella built in and mine can't go very far sometimes squkes when you try, he comes back I look away abd close my eyes a song plays from his giant stareo and of corse it's my favorited song I start to sing under my breath not noticing it relley was ent it was quit loud actually he turns to his side and stops the music I hear a voice it's him saying you have a great voice I said thanks sorry its just my fav song, he replays relley it's mine too , I feel embarest yet relefed I blush he smiles then frowns a little then brings it back and says hey want to hear me sing it, I said sure he stood up and danced a funny gig and started to sing when your not distracted by the ddance he is good at singing I started to laugh then realized it was 12 I had to go I told him I have to go as I picked up the lawn chair my sis came around saying oooo is that your boyfriend I replayed no just friends ok now get in the car ill be there in a sec she left I said sorry I have to leave he's aid ok and said what's your name I said dalia Lueck you he said Louis tomilson , I said we'll bye sis waiting Louis said hey when can I see you again I said we'll I can see you here tomorrow in the morning I love watching the sun rise sounds good he said as I drifted off he looked at me as I walked away I coundent see him but the girls were giving me a bad look I turned as I walked away he was I yelled bye he shook his head and came back to earth I smiled when I got in the car. My sister waits in the car yelling you take sooooo long I pressed the petel abd drove away I mean why would he like me I've got big black glasses like the 3d ones red hair and tons and tins of freckles all over my face but maybe it will be different this time? Comment if you want more i telly just like it when you like my book for more comment
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