1. the screening.

I walked down the bright white hall of this hell they called a hospital. Everything was different now, now that the screening was necessary. The screening is a procedure to check the person's pureness, and perfectness. Any flaws would be eliminated, so the entire human race was ideal. My hospital gown was a light blue with small designs on it. I got to the screening office, and walked in. Two doctors dressed in scrubs waited with fake smiles. Sickening. I sat down on the table as they instructed and stared blankly ahead. The doctors told me something, but i could care less. Suddenly, the pain of a sharp needle ripped into my neck, pumping a tingling liquid into my blood. The room around me blurred into one large blob and i swayed dizzily. I felt a cold hand press me down, and i slept.
I woke to bright lights in my face. A single brown curl hung down over my eyes and i felt numb. I brushed the curl out of my face as i winced at the tingling sensation of whatever anestesia method they used. As soon as i sat up, a doctor holding a clipboard walked in. "Hello, harry." He said with a clear voice. I smiled weakly back at him. "I imagine you are feeling some discomfort? We have you on some medicine to ease the pain- it should only last a while. I nodded, hoping a while wasn't long. "Your screening results were- hmm. How do i say this.. lower than normal. We had to make a few drastic changes, including eye color, height.." i blinked, noticing my eyes were swollen and sore, along with my legs. "And the biggest change of all- we had to implant a soul guide.." the doctor said nervously. I tilted my head in confusion, not yet strong enough to talk. "A soul guide is an implanted soul. Like a voice in the back of your head, except it can take over if necessary. The procedure was very simple, but effective." I nodded. "Try talking to your soul guide- all you need to do is think, since its in your head." The doctor said. "Hello..?" I thought. "Hello, harry." A deep voice said back in my head. My eyes widened. "W-whats your name?" I thought. "My name is Simon, and im your soul guide." I nodded, "hey simon. Umm, so do you think what i think?" I thought back. "No harry. I have a complete mind of my own, but we have all the same memories. At any time needed, i can control your body in an ideal manner" i frowned. "Only on my command, right..?" I thought. "No, i can sense the presence of anxiety or anger, and i will take over." Simon said back. By then, the doctor had left- leaving me with Simon. I stayed in the hospital for a week until i fully recovered, and i was told i would be let out to a facility for screened boys of the age of 19 to 25. Finally, the day came, and i left. A black car drove me to a tall white building, with glassed-in porches. I walked into the lobby and many boys sat in chairs reading, listening to music, or talking. I nervously tugged on my white v-neck shirt the hospital had given me, along with some khakis and white converse. "Are you Harry Styles?" The man in a neon blue suit asked me. I nodded, "erm, yes." I said quietly. He handed me a thin plastic card with my name and a 10 digit number on it. "Your room number is 426, fourth floor." I nodded, walking towards the elevator. I pushed the up button, and caught a glimpse of my newly green eyes- i still cound get used to them. "Dont forget- room 426." Simon said. I nodded to myself as the elevator door opened. I pressed the number four as the doors closed. The elevator was a glass tunnel with white walls and bright blue doors. Soon, the doors opened, revealing a long hallway of rooms. I followed the signs to my room, and pushed my card into the reader. "Welcome Harold." The reader said. I opened the door, and found myself in a room with a bed, a desk, a dresser, and a bathroom attatched. I set my bags down and looked around. On the desk sat a thin white laptop, apparently for me. Another door was to my left, i cautiously opened it finding myself in a small kitchen. I looked around and saw a boy a little older than me sitting at the table. He was halfway done with the sandwich he was eating. His crystal blue eyes flicked up and met mine. He smiled, "ohh! Youre harry!" He said. I nodded, "erm, yeah. Are we room-mates?" I asked. He nodded. "Yep! For the next 4 years! Oh, and im Louis by the way." I nodded. "Okay, louis. I can remember that." Louis smiled, "want something to eat? Theres loads of food in the fridge, it automatically restocks its self." I nodded, and opened the fridge. I grabbed a banana and unpeeled it, sitting down across from louis. "So youre a banana guy?" Louis asked with a smile. "what?" I said confused. Louis shrugged, "i just thought you liked bananas." I shrugged, "i guess." Louis stayed quiet the rest of the time we ate.
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