My Mind Says Hate But My Heart Screams Love

Ara is signed under Pledis.

Key is under S.M.

Two rivals who must despise each other, although they've never met.

What happens when they do?


3. "Seek Happy Nights to Happy Days"


•Key's POV•

I was finishing getting ready, which took an elapsed time of two and a half hours. "Why does it take you so long? We're going to be late!" Taemin whined.

"Beauty like this takes time, Taeminnie," I joked.

"So 'Diva Key' returns," Jonghyun sighed.

"Diva Key? Like I've never heard that one before," I replied sarcastically. I straightened out my tie and we left the dorm.



When we arrived at the revenue where the party was held, we noticed a fight had already broke out. "No use for these anymore," I uttered and dropped my mask to the ground.

'KEY!" Minho exclaimed. "You're ruining the whole point of a masquerade!" He picked up my mask and handed it back to me. "Now, mask on!" I complied and put it on.

We walked up to the large doors of the château. The rest of the boys put their masks on we went inside. Inside, the music was nearly deafening. As soon as we entered the large ballroom, which was decorated to look like a high school prom, twelve boys came running towards us.

"Hey guys!" one of them yelled. It was Kai from Exo-K, another group from S.M.

"How'd you know it was us?" Onew wondered.

"We've known you since we were trainees. It would be a crime not to recognize you," Chanyeol chimed in.

"Woah, look who we've got over there," Kris interrupted. "It's the little Pledis Boys."

"How do you know it's them?" Jonghyun asked.

"It's hard not to tell. With their 'Princess Ren' and his blonde hair, it's impossible not to know," he explained. "Let's go have some fun."

"I don't think this is a good ide-" before I could finish, I got tangled up in the group of twelve boys headed for Nu'est.

As we approached them, the tall one, Minhyun, nudged everyone else and they turned and faced us. "Look, it's the spoiled S.M. kids," Baekho taunted.

"Minho, I think we should leave," I whispered. He ignored me. He moved to the front of the group and was face-to-face with JR.

"Oh, look. 'Flaming Charisma.' What a stupid name," JR mocked. I saw Minho curled his hands into a fist. "What are you gonna do? Hit me?" And that's what he did.

Minho was the one to throw the first punch. He was followed by Kai and the rest of Exo. Taemin, Onew and Jonghyun joined in shortly after.

I managed to find my way out of the pit-of-punches. I walked quickly away from them quickly. I wandered around a bit, trying not to get recognized.

I went over to the punch bowl and got a drink. As soon as I tasted it, I knew it had been spiked. I quickly spit it out and grabbed a fully sealed water bottle.

"I'll be right back. I'm just going to get a drink," I heard a feminine voice say. I looked over to see a girl going to get punch from the spiked bowl. I ran over to stop her.

"Wait! Don't drink that!" I yelled.

She looked up at me and put her drink down. "Why?"

"It's spiked," I warned.

"Oh, thank you for telling me," she replied softly. She was looking at me. Her eyes were cute and innocent. I don't know how long we were staring at each other, but she was the first to break eye contact. "I've got to go. My friends are waiting." And with that, she scurried off back into the crowd.

'Is this what love at first sight feels like?' I asked myself. I couldn't stop thinking about her. Her brown, shining eyes. Her long silky hair. If only I could see what was behind that mask.

•Ara's POV•

I walked back to the girls after nearly drinking spiked punch. If it weren't for that masked hero over there,  who knows what would've happened.

"Woah! Your face is so red! Are you alright?" Yooyoung worried. I now noticed how warm my cheeks felt and her stating how red they were just made them feel warmer.

"Yes, I'm fine," I replied. "I'm going outside for some air." I walked out the back door to the back patio, which was huge. I leaned against the stone railing and stared at the pond that was below it. There were two swans in the middle of the pond swimming together. They put their heads together to form a heart. I sighed at how cute it was.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" a voice said. I jumped a little and looked to see who it was. It was my masked hero. He walked over and stood by me.


"It's almost as beautiful as your eyes," he remarked. I smiled to myself. "And your smile."

"Why, thank you," I giggled. A breeze came by and I shivered.

"Are you cold?" he asked. Before I could answer, he wrapped his jacket around my shoulders. He pulled me closer to keep me warm.

"T-thank you," I stuttered. It felt like there were hundreds of butterflies in my stomach. His heartbeat was soothing to my ears. I could feel the heat creeping back up to my face.

"I see your face his warming up," he laughed.

"Shut up," I said and hit him playfully on the chest.

"Um... ow?" he joked. He started laughing and it made him look ten times more handsome. I looked up at him and he had a bright smile on his face. It left me breathless. "I would really like to see that pretty face behind that mask," he said. He reached his hands up to the back of my head and started to untie the mask.

Before he could get the mask off, four boys came running and pulled him away. "Come on,  lover boy! We gotta go!" one of them yelled. He watched me as they ran back into the building.

I stood there for a moment, completely bewildered. After that short moment, I ran after them. I pushed my way through the crowd, trying to keep up with them. When I made it outside, they were already driving away.  I didn't even get his name. I looked down and saw I still had his jacket in my hand. I have to return this to him somehow, right? We have to meet again.

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