My Mind Says Hate But My Heart Screams Love

Ara is signed under Pledis.

Key is under S.M.

Two rivals who must despise each other, although they've never met.

What happens when they do?


10. "O, Be Gone!"


•Ara's POV•

"Are you sure he'll even listen to us?" I asked. Alice, Yooyoung, Lime, Yoonjo and I were going to attempt to convince CEO Sungsoo to end this whole rivalry. Nara didn't help since she was still mad

"Of course!" Alice exclaimed. "If anyone believes in love, it's him!"

"Yeah, do you see how in love he is with his wife? I mean, he practically talks about how it was love at first sight all the time," Yoonjo added.

"I don't know..." I worried. "What if we get fired?"

"Don't worry," Yooyoung assured. "If anything, it would just be you getting fired."

"Yooyoung, you're not helping here," Lime complained.

"Hehe... sorry."


We went up to his office and I knocked on the door lightly. "CEO oppa, it's Hello Venus. Well, most of us. Can we come in?"

"Sure, come on in," he replied. We entered the room and stood in front of his desk. "What is it that you want to talk about?"

"It's about S.M," I stated.

"What about them?" he asked, slightly annoyed. He turned on the T.V and coincidentally, the S.M concert was on.

"We were wondering if you could stop the hatred between companies," Lime said.

"Why would we do that? We're both trying to be the number one company and we have to do whatever we can to be that," Sungsoo responded.

"Well, it's just that-" I started, but then he interrupted me.

"Girls, look at the T.V. What do you see?"

"A lot of fans cheering loud," Alice answered.

"Isn't that what you want?" he questioned.

"Yes, but why do we have to be enemies?" Yoonjo wondered.

"To be the best, you have to fight your way there," he explained. "Now, why do you want this rivalry to end?"

I kept watching the T.V. Shinee had just finished their performance and were on stage with the other groups. My attention was mainly on Key. The way he smiled, sang, and laughed made my heart melt.

"We have a special announcement to make," Minho stated.

"Our Kibum is in loooove," Jonghyun drawled.

My eyes widened in shock. They knew and they were going to tell everyone. And Key wasn't stopping them.

•Key's POV•

"We have a special announcement to make," Minho announced over the roaring crowd.

"Our Kibum is in loooove," Jonghyun teased, causing the crowd to cheer even louder.

I really hope Ara isn't watching this...

Onew grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to center stage. Taemin went over to F(x) and brought Sulli over.

"Sorry..." He whispered to me.

I put on a fake smile and prepared for the dreaded words I was about to say.

"Key, is there something you'd like to say?" Minho asked.

"Um, yeah," I said. "Sulli, I really like you."

The crowd screamed loud and Sulli started blushing. I felt so bad for lying to everyone.

"Sulli, do you accept Key's feelings?" Onew added.

She nodded shyly and the cheering was even louder.

Jonghyun came over and stood between us. "By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you boyfriend and girlfriend!"

"Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!" The crowd chanted.

'Forgive me, Ara.'

•Ara's POV•

Did that just happen? Did I just see Key kiss another girl? My heart shattered into a billion pieces.

"Ara?" Sungsoo said. "Why do you want us to not be enemies anymore?"

"I don't remember..." I answered.

"Is she okay?" He asked the other girls.

"Yeah, she can just be a little emotional sometimes. For no reason, too," Yoonjo replied.

"I think we should go now," Alice said and pulled me out by the hand.

When we got back to the dorm, I broke out in tears.

"It's okay," Lime assured and pat my back. "It was probably just a fanservice."

"It sure didn't look like one," I cried.

Nara walked into the room. "Why is she crying?"

"Key kissed another girl," Yooyoung answered.

"I knew this would end badly," Nara scoffed.

"Would you just shut up!?" Alice yelled. "Can't you see how upset Ara is? You're just making things worse!"

"Whatever! And I suppose Sungsoo didn't approve of your relationship either."

"I didn't tell him," I choked out.

"Oh no! That means you have to keep meeting secretly!" Nara said sarcastically.

"Why don't you just leave again?" Alice groaned.

"Fine," Nara grumbled and left.

I cried even harder. "Don't do this. You were the ones who told us to stop fighting and now what are you doing?"

"We're sorry, but Nara is just a... A bitch," Lime said.

"And you guys are acting like ones, too," I stated.

My phone started ringing and I looked to see who was calling. It was Key. I ignored it and cried more into a pillow.

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