My Mind Says Hate But My Heart Screams Love

Ara is signed under Pledis.

Key is under S.M.

Two rivals who must despise each other, although they've never met.

What happens when they do?


4. "A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet"


•Ara's POV•

During the car ride back to the dorm, I held his jacket close. I took a deep breath and I could still smell his cologne. I closed my eyes and smiled, bringing back the memory.

"What are you smiling about?" Lime wondered. "And whose jacket is that?"

"I don't know..." I replied.

"So you stole someone's jacket?"

"No. He gave it to me, but he forgot to get it back."

"How are you going to get it back to him if you don't know whose it is?"

"I have no idea."

"Maybe you'll recognize him at the competition tomorrow."

"Hopefully," I sighed and slightly smiled more.


"Come on, girls! We can't be late!" MinJee called. I grabbed my mystery-man's jacket and left to go to the competition.

When we arrived, hundreds of fans were chanting their favorite group's name. Not many people were cheering for us, but we're going to change that.

I stepped into the dressing room and was pulled over for hair and makeup. We're going on stage in ten minutes. Right now, our competition is performing. We're not allowed to watch the on the TV, MinJee thinks they'll intimidate us. I heard the muffled music from inside the room, and they sounded amazing. MinJee was right. I'm starting to feel like we're going to lose.

After getting ready to perform, we stood on the side stage waiting to go on. The MC's announced the group as Shinee, but it seems the fans already knew. I realized I was still holding the jacket. I squeezed it tightly for good luck and placed it on the back of a chair. Shinee exited the stage and walked past us.

"Good luck to you," one of them said and bowed. I looked at him. He looked familiar.

"No socializing with the competition, Key," another said. He pulled him away and stood within viewing distance of us.
"And now, Shinee's competitor, the female rookie group, Hello Venus!" the MC's announced.

"Hwaiting," we all said and went on stage.

•Key's POV•

"Good luck to you," I affirmed. I took a quick glance to the girl in the front of the group. Her eyes looked familiar.

Jonghyun pulled me away before I could figure out who she was. "No socializing with the competition, Key."

After the MC's announced them, they made their way to the stage. I went to go sit down when I saw something on the back of the chair. I picked it up and saw that is was my jacket. I remember that I gave it to that girl last night, but never got it back. 'She's here somewhere,' I thought.

Hello Venus finished performing and left the stage. The girl who looked familiar came over and took the jacket away. "That's not yours. Don't take things that don't belong to you," she scolded and walked away. I recognized her voice. She's the girl from last night. And that is my jacket!

I wanted to go after her, but then I realized she was the competition. My heart sank. She's a Pledis girl. Our only enemy.

After a few minutes of the voting, we were called back onto the stage. We were on one side while they were on the other. I found myself only staring at her. I payed no attention to what was going on. I wasn't even listening on who they said won.

I snapped out of the trance when I heard the crowd go crazy. They were chanting our name. I'm guessing we won. I looked back at the girl and her group and they seemed to accept their loss. They walked over to us and congratulated us.

"Congratulations. You really deserved it," she said with her soft voice. She bowed and her hair framed her perfect face. They walked off the stage and I kept staring at her.

"Key? What are you staring at?" Taemin asked.

"N-nothing," I stuttered.

After we left the stage, I spotted her standing alone. "You guys go ahead. I'll catch up with you," I said. I made sure no one was watching and walked up behind her. "Those swans were very beautiful last night, weren't they?" I whispered in her ear.

She turned around quickly. Her arm hit me in the stomach. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" she gasped. She looked at me and smiled. "You! Are you the boy from last night?"

"That depends. Was I the one who saved you from drinking the spiked punch?"

"It is you! Oh and here's you jacket back... Sorry I snatched it from you. I didn't know-" I cut her off with a kiss.

"Keep it. I don't want you getting cold," I said and kissed her again.

•Ara's POV•

"Ara! Let's go!" Yooyoung called.

I broke away from our kiss. "I'm sorry. I have to go."

I started heading towards the rest of the group when he grabbed me by the arm. "When can I see you again?" he asked.

"Do you know that little ramen shop next to the park?"

"Yeah. I know the place."

"Meet me there at midnight," I requested and pecked him on the lips. I went back to the group. I looked back at Key and he blew me a kiss. Everything went in slow motion. 'What did I get myself into?'

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