Live the Dream (One Direction not famous)

Monique and Sam have been friends since they were little. Will they find love while in high school?


3. The Park

Harry's POV

Today I was moving out of my mums and moving in to my own flat. I had already packed my stuff and we headed to the flat. I saw a market around the corner from it, 'how convenient' I thought. We headed in the building up to my flat. There were only 3 other flats in my level, I wondered who else lives here. My mum and dad helped me put in the major stuff and left me with the rest, it was 9:30 am, I had a lot of unpacking to do. I was trying not to be loud so I wouldn't wake up anyone but I didn't succeed. I was going to get the rest of my boxes from outside in when I heard a knock at the door. I walked over there and opened it.
"Hello love" I said
"Hi I'm Monique, taking a guess that you live here now?"
I smiled, "Yes, I'm Harry, nice to meet you Monique"
She smiled reveling her dimples "Nice to meet you too, I live next door"
"Lovely" I said with a smile.
"Well I better get going, my friend is coming over soon" she said
I frowned, "Bye love, nice meeting you!"
With that she left.

I was putting my stuff away but I couldn't stop think about her. She was so cute the way she had her hair and her sweats. She was beautiful, I wondered if she had plans today. I decided to put the rest of my stuff away. I had to talk to her again. I walked out of my flat and went to hers, I got it! I'll ask her if there's a market around. I already knew there was one but it was an excuse to talk to her. I stood in front of her door waiting. I finally knocked, I heard little footsteps walking to it. She opened it.
"Hi Harry" she said. Her voice was magical
"Hey Monique" I smiled, "Sorry for bothering you but where is the nearest market here, I kinda need food" Smooth Harry I thought to myself.
"Oh, it's right around the corner!" She said.
"Great! I'll see you later!" I smiled
"Will do Harry! Bye" As she went to close the door I stopped her and said
"By the way, you look stunning" she blushed and said "Thank you" and closed the door.

I walked to the market to get some food. When I was finished I thought to myself 'I wonder is Monique is going to be at the same school as me'. It would be nice to have her there. I reached my flat and put all my stuff away and started eating. When I was finished I put my plate away and went to the tv. I was searching though the channels when I heard someone knock at the door, I walked over to hear to girls laughing. I opened the door to see Monique and her friend.

Monique's POV

Samantha and I were at Harry's door. I knocked and Samantha started laughing. Harry opened the door.
"Hi Harry, this is my friend Samantha!"
"Hi Samantha! I'm Harry, nice to meet you." He said
She smiled, "It's nice to meet you to, Monique told me about you!"
I slapped her in the arm, Harry blushed.
"Anyways, we wanted to know if you wanted to hang out with us."
He smiled "Of course! I have nothing else to do."
"Ok! Lets go out to the park!" Samantha said.
"Great, let me just get my wallet and keys." Harry said

We walked out of the building and started walking to the park. Samantha was on my side and Harry was in my other. We went and sat out in the field, "So Harry, where are you from?" I asked
"Holmes Chapel"
"Oh really, that's cool. How old are you" Samantha asked
"I'm 17 turning 18 February 1st." He said with a smile
"How old are you both?" He asked
"We'll I turned 17 last month, June 6th to be exact." I said
"Awesome, how about you Samantha?"
"I'm 16!" She said
"So that means you guys are in grade 11?" He asked
"Yes, we are staring it in 2 days! How exciting" I said sarcastically
"I'm starting grade 11 too! Where at?"
"London High!" I said smiling. I hope he goes there too.
"I'm staring my year there! That's amazing!" He said smiling.
I hope we have classes together I thought to myself.


"Any good at football Harry?" I asked
"I have a few skills, why?" He asked sounding confused
I looked at Samantha and smiled "lets play some football"
"Oh no" Samantha said. Samantha didn't like soccer at all, me in the other hand, I've played since I was 2.
"Samantha doesn't like soccer, so I guess it you and me Harry?"
"You're on" he said.
"Good luck Harry, she's pretty good" Samantha said.
I smirked, "Yeah pretty good"

After a few games we decided to go get some lunch.
"You were right Samantha, she's pretty good" he said out of breath.
"Well duh, she's been playing since she was 2!" She said.
"We'll you could have mentioned that!"
I laughed to my self, "so where do you guys wanna eat?"
"Well I haven't been to Nandos in forever, so there?" Samantha asked.
"Yeah, sounds good!" Me and Harry said.

After lunch we decided to go back to our flat. We got to our building and took the elevator to our level.
"Harry do wanna come in?" I asked
"No, I don't wanna be a bother" he said.
"No it's fine! We can watch movies!" I said.
"Well alright!"
We decided to watch Pitch Perfect. Samantha sat on the single couch leaving me and Harry on the big couch, he didn't seem to mind so I just sat next to him. During the movie I felt myself dozing off, I looked over to see Samantha passed out. She's such a party pooper always going to bed early(this is true in real life!). I looked up at Harry , his eyes were glued to the t.v, he looked down at me and said "you can lay your head on my lap if you want" I smiled and took up the offer. I felt Harry playing with my hair which made me even tired. Next thing I know I fell asleep.
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