Live the Dream (One Direction not famous)

Monique and Sam have been friends since they were little. Will they find love while in high school?


6. Lunch

Sam's POV

I'm so bummed that i don't have any classes with Monique. My first period is math, how exciting. I felt some one sit next to me, I looked over to see this amazingly hot guy.

"Hi, I'm Niall" he said in his Irish accent.

"Hi, I'm Samantha." He smiled, "nice to meet you, I moved here from Ireland as you can tell." I smiled. He looked at my schedule and said "Hey, we have the next class and lunch together." I smiled.

"Well then, you get to meet my friend Monique, shes really nice, everyone loves her here and my new friend Harry." He smiled.

"Can't wait." We sat here learning about special right triangles, math comes easy to me. Niall tapped me and said "do you understand any of this?"

"Yeah I do, im pretty good at math, do you need help? I asked

"Yeah kinda"

"I'll show you at lunch" I smiled.

"thanks" he said.


Harry's POV

All during first period I could stop looking at Monique, I think she noticed a couple of times. Everything about here is perfect, the way she smiles and revels here two dimples, the way her eyes sparkles. Her body was amazing, her curves and everything. I was snapped out of my thought when the bell rang. I looked at Monique and asked her "Hey are you ok?"
"Yeah I'm fine, just day dreaming"
I smiled, "We'll I'll see you at lunch love" she smiled. With that I walked to my second period.

After third I needed to clear my head out, I know I've only known Monique for a few days but there is something between us. I can't sleep at night because she is always on my mind. I saw everyone going to lunch so I walked the other way to the fields.

Monique's POV

After third me and Louis start walking to lunch. We met up with Zayn and Liam.
"Hey boys, how was PE?" I asked.
"Torture." Zayn said and Liam agreeing with him.
"Well at least we have an hour for lunch" Louis said.
"Thank god" I said. We walked over to see Samantha with this guy.
"Hey Sam!" I said sitting next to her.
"Hey Monique, this is Niall! Niall, Monique." She introduced us.
"Who are these guys?" She asked.
"Right, Sam this is Liam and Zayn"
"Hi!" She said
"Where's Harry?" Louis asked.
"I don't know" Samantha said "he looked kind of distracted in second period."
"I'm gonna go look for him" I said. I walked out of the cafeteria and went outside. I was looking everywhere when I saw so done sitting on the fields.
"Harry?" I called out.
I walked closer, "Harry what are you doing out here?" He got up and looked at me, "I was just thinking"
"Thinking about what?" I asked
"You" he said.
"Me? But wh-" he cute me off with a kiss.
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