Live the Dream (One Direction not famous)

Monique and Sam have been friends since they were little. Will they find love while in high school?


4. Last day of summer part 2

Harry's POV

I woke up in a unfamiliar place, I looked at my lap and saw Monique asleep. I heard Samantha in the kitchen making breakfast. I didn't want to wake up Monique so I sat there in my phone. I decided to put my number in her phone, so I did. I felt her move around, she woke up and looked at me, I smiled "Well good morning"
"Good morning" she said yawning " how long have you been up?"
"Awhile" I said stretching
"Why didn't you wake me up?" She said getting up
"You looked peaceful" I said smiling. She laughed, "Where is Samantha?"
"In here!" She yelled, "oh, I'm gonna go brush my teeth"

"Hey what are you cooking in there?" I asked

"Pancakes!" She replied.

"Hey after breakfast do you guys wanna go to the pool?" I heard Monique call out. Samantha looked at me, "Sure" I said.

"Great but I don't have my bathing suit here" Samantha said.

"You have one here, remember the last time you were here." Monique said laughing.

"Oh, don't remind me." Samantha said.

"Hey why don't you call Louis? I'm sure hes back from Doncaster!" Monique said.

"Who is Louis?" I asked.

"He is one of our great friends! He's also in grade 11!" Samantha said.

"Yeah! Don't worry hes a great guy, you will love him!" Monique said walking out of her room in a teal bikini. (Bikini: ) Wow, she was so fit.

"Uh, I'm gonna go get ready, see you in a bit." I said while walking to the door.

"Ok! I'll get you when Louis is here! Bye Harry." Monique said.

"Bye Harry!" Samantha said after her.

"Bye girls!' I said walking out. Wow, I can't get Monique out of my head, this made me even more excited to go to the pool.

Monique's POV

"Did you see the way Harry was looking at you?" She said with a smile.

"Well I wouldn't blame him if he was looking, I walked out here with just my bikini!" I said laughing. "I'll text Louis while you get changed."

"Ok, where is my bathing suit?" She asked.

"Bottom dresser." I got my phone and texted Louis, 'To Louis: Hey are you back from Doncaster? Samantha and I would love for you to come over and meet our new friend! I miss you Lou xx" I put my phone down. Samantha came out in her bathing suit, "Can you tie this for me?"

"Yeah." (Sams bathing suit: "I'm not the only one who walked out of there with out a cover up"

She laughed "Oh whatever, where are your cover ups anyway?"

"In my closet, get me one!" My phone buzzed, 'From Louis: Yes! Got back yesterday. New friend? Alright, what are we gonna do? Miss you too Mo x" I laughed, hes the only one that calls me that, i texted back ' To Louis: Awesome! Yes New friend, his name is Harry. We are going to go to the pool, bring your bathing suit (; x' I hit send.

"Did you text Louis?"

"Yeah, hes back. He said hes gonna come." I said.

"Great!" She smiled. Just then I Got a text from Louis 'From Louis: Oh how nice! Will do, be over in 10."

"He said he will be over in 10." Louis only lived around the corner. He to lives in his own flat. Louis and I have been friends since we were born. I was lonely with out him this summer, we usually spent the summers together with our family but this year he went to Doncaster to see him grandma. Louis and I went out before, he was my first kiss but we ended things because it didn't feel right. We were better off friends and our relationship got better. I heard a knock at the door. I jumped up and ran to see Louis there.

"Louis!" I said hugging him.

"Monique! I missed you." He said holding me.

"I know, I know" I said smiling. "Samantha Louis is here!" I called out.

"Hey Louis! Missed ya" she said hugging him.

"Back at you" he said, "so where is this Harry guy?" I smiled, "Next door, Lets go." I got my keys and we went over to Harry's flat. I knocked, "Hey Harry, you ready?"

"Yeah lets go!" He smiled. We walked down to the lobby where the pool was. We got our seats and layed down. "Louis, this is Harry, Harry, Louis."

"Nice to meet you Harry!" Louis said shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you too!" He said. "So, you're starting school at London High?" He asked.

"Yeah, grade 11." Harry replied.

"Oh, that's great. Maybe we will have classes with each other, all of us" Louis said.

"Were are you from?" Louis asked.

"Holmes Chapel" he replied.

"Oh, thats great!" Louis said.

"Well lets go in the pool!" Samantha said. Samantha and I took off our cover ups and started walking to the pool. I felt eyes on me, I turned around and saw Harry looking at me, I smiled. All of a sudden I felt hands on me and next thing you know i was in the water. "Louis!" I yelled. Him, Samantha and Harry were laughing. Next thing you know Samantha was in the water, "LOUIS!" She screamed.

"Sorry girls" he winked and jumped in.

"I hate you" I said to him while pushing him underwater. Harry swam up next to us, "Wanna play chicken?" He asked. We all nodded.

"I call Louis" Samatha shouted. I laughed and went over to Harry.

"We got this, just don't drop me" I said smiling.

"I'll try my best" He said winking. i got on his shoulders and he swam to the middle.

"Ready, Set, GO!" Louis shouted. I grabbed on to Samantha and tried taking her down. The first try I got her down. "Ha we win" I said.

"No, best 2 out of 3" Louis whinned.

"Fine! Loser buys us lunch!" I said smiling.

"Alright" said Samantha. She got back on his shoulders and walked to the middle.

"We got this" Harry said. They walked up to us, "READY, SET,GO!" I yelled. Samantha grabbed on to me, she almost got my down but Harry lifted me back up. It took us a while but after a few tries I got her down.

"Ha, you guys have to buy us lunch" I said

"Alright, alright lets go:" Louis said. We got out of the pool and got our towels. Louis went to the consession stands. Hes came back with four waters, crisps and chips.

"Why thank you Louis" I said smiling.

"No problem Mo" he said. We ate OUR food wHen Harry said "I should get going, I'm having dinner at my mums."

"Aw ok." I said. I got up and hugged him.

"It was nice meeting you Louis, I'll see you at school!"

"Bye mate."

"Bye Samantha" He said.

"Bye Harry, see you tomorrow!" With that he left.

"Louis are you gonna stay over for dinner?" I asked him.

"Sure why not!" We got our stuff and went back up to over level. We got to my flat and i started cooking dinner.

*After dinner*

"Well guys I'm gonna head home, we got school tomorrow and we dont wanna be late now do we?" Samantha said.

"Yeah, I should be heading home now!" Louis said.

"Alright guys, see you in the morning!" I said hugging them both.

"See ya!" They said while leaving. After they left i cleaned up the mess, got out of my bathing suit and went to bed.

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