Live the Dream (One Direction not famous)

Monique and Sam have been friends since they were little. Will they find love while in high school?


1. Intro


Hello, my name is Monique. I'm 17 and living in London. I have a job at Star Bucks and live in my own tiny flat. I have dark brown hair that goes to my waist and brown eyes. I have dimples which my friend Samantha adores. Samantha and I have been friends since I was 5. Samantha is a year younger than me. She is much taller than me, her brown hair reaching her shoulders and brown eyes shinning like always. We are going to be in grade 11 this year, and hopefully Sam's parents will let her move in with me. My parents in the other hand wanted me out of the house at the age of 17. They help me pay for my flat but the rest is all on me. Tomorrow is the last day of summer and we go to school. I'm hoping this year I find myself a nice boyfriend.
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