Live the Dream (One Direction not famous)

Monique and Sam have been friends since they were little. Will they find love while in high school?


5. Back to school

Monique's POV

I woke up to my alarm clock beeping, I sighed '6am' oh how excited I was to go back to school. I got up, stretched and went to the washroom. I brushed my teeth and got in the shower. No matter what I always take a shower everyday, I don't understand how people don't. When I was done, I dried off and put in my underwear and bra. I sat in front of mirror thinking what I was going to do with my hair. I sighed, I got up and went to my closet. I was looking through my close when I remember how each year Samantha and I go all out for the first day of school. I smiled to myself, I picked out my new long chiffon turquoise skirt with a brown belt and my black top shop crop shirt. With this outfit I decided to put my hair is n nice bun, I sat done and started painting my nails turquoise and added gold glitter.( Outfit: Once they dried I put on my outfit and texted Sam , 'To Sam :): I hope you're up! Don't forget to go all out :) See you soon x' . I put on my favorite open heart crystal necklace my mum gave me for my birthday and headed to the kitchen. I poured my self some juice and made myself some toast. I got a text from Sam 'For Sam :): I'm up! And yes can't wait to see what you're wearing! Am I meeting you at your flat or school? x', I texted back 'To Sam :): Can't wait to see what you're wearing too! Um at school maybe? x'. I finished my breakfast and put it away, I went to get my purse and shoes. I put on my Billabong sandals and got my purse. As I was heading out I heard someone at my door, I opened it and there was Harry.

"Hey Monique, I was hoping if you would show me where the school is." He said

"Of course! I'm heading out now" I said while closing and locking my door.

"You look nice" Harry said smiled.

"Thanks, so do you."

We walked out of our building and I got a text from Sam 'From Sam :): Ok great! Is Harry with you? x", I texted back 'yes' then out my phone away.

"So Harry, are you excited to start a new school?"

"Yeah, kind of. I'm just worried on making new friends" he said.

I smiled, "Don't worry, you have Louis, Sam and me"

Sam's POV

I woke up at 6 am. I kinda want to go back to school! I got up and took a shower. When I was done I brushed my teeth and hair, I decided to leave it natural which is curly. I went to my closet and looked for clothes. I found this coral blouse and black skinny jeans, I was gonna wear black heals with this. I layer my outfit in my bed and went to do my make up. I but eyeliner and did a little wing to it and then eye shadow. Satisfied I but in my sliver earrings and put my outfit on.(Outfit: ). I got a text message from Monique 'From Monique :): I hope you're up! Don't forget to go all out :) See you soon x' I laughed and texted back 'To Monique :): I'm up! And yes can't wait to see what you're wearing! Am I meeting you at your flat or school? x' I hit send. I went downstairs to see that my parents had already left. My mum left me a 'Good morning sweetie! I hope you have a good day at school! I made breakfast for you, its in the microwave! Love mum x' I looked in the microwave to see eggs and sausage, yum. When I was finished I decided to text Monique to see if Harry was with her, 'To Monique :): Ok great! Is Harry with you? x'. I looked at the time, I should get going. I put on my heels grabbed my purse and left my house. My phone buzzed 'From Monique :): yes'. As i was walking i wondered if Harry liked Monique, I thought it was obvious but that's just me. I arrived at school and waited on Monique and Harry.

"Hey Samantha!" I heard Louis say

"Hey Louis!"

"If this is what you're wearing, I wonder what Monique is!" He said laughing.

"Yeah, you know us, we are the trendsetters for the school!" I said sarcastically. Which that was kind of true. I saw two figures walking our way. It was Monique and Harry.

"Hey Monique, you know you are really short compared to Harry" I said laughing. Louis laughed too.

"Oh whatever" she said.

"Wow" Louis said. "You look amazing Monique!" I agreed and so did Harry.

"Thanks, you look amazing Sam!" She said smiling.

"Well, lets get going! I have to show Harry where everything is!" We all followed behind them, Louis whispered to me "They look like a couple, look how close they are to each other" I smiled.

"Yeah, I think they would be good together." We got to the main entrance to pick up our schedules.

"Last names" The administrator asked.

"Lane" I said, she handed me my schedule.

"Tomlinson" She handed him his schedule.

"Magana" She handed her her schedule

"Styles" Harry said.

"Here you go Mr. Styles, I see its your first day! Enjoy" She said. We all looked at our schedules.

"Well looks like we all have lunch together!" Monique said. "Oh my, Louis you're in all my classes AGAIN!"

"You know you love me" Louis said.

"Me and Harry have second and fifth together" I said.

"Looks like we do" He said.

"Harry, you have first and last class with me!" Monique said in excitement. Just the the bell rang.

"Well Samantha, see you at lunch!" Monique said.

Monique's POV

I was happy I had some classes with Harry. Louis, Harry and I were walking to our first class. History. We walked in there and took our seats, Harry next to me and Louis in front of me. We were all talking when some one with a Bradford accent said "Hey, do you mind if i sit here?"

"Go ahead!" Louis said.

"Hi, I'm Zayn" He said

"Nice to meet you Zayn, I'm Louis, this is my best friend Monique"

"Hi" I said.

"And our new friend Harry!"

"Nice to meet you guys!" He said with a polite smile.

"Hey, can I see your schedule?" I asked.

"sure" he handed me it.

"Wow" I said, "we all have the same classes!"

"That's great! It would be nice knowing someone at least!" he said. We were cut off by the teacher.

"Hello class, I'm Mr. Crawford, I see some new faces, Miss Magana, who is that next to you?" he asked.

"This is my friend Harry, he moved here from Holmes chapel." I replied.

"Well nice to meet you Harry, I hope Monique takes good care of you!" He smiled and turned away, Harry smiled and looked at me "I hope you do."


History ended, all through out class I couldn't stop looking at Harry, something about him makes me want him. I know we only met but there is something between us, i just don't know what. Harry snapped me out of my thoughts, "Hey are you ok?" he asked.

"Yeah I'm fine just day dreaming" He smiled.

"Well I'll see you at lunch love" I smiled.

"See you!" With that he walked away. Zayn, Louis and I were walking to our when this guy stopped us, "Excuse me but do you know where the English class is?" He asked.

"Yeah!" I said, "that's our next class, follow us!" He smiled.

"thanks, My name is Liam."

"Hi, my name is Monique!"

"Hi nice to meet you!" I smiled.

"This is Louis, my best friend and Zayn!"

"Nice to meet you guys!" he smiled "when do you guys have lunch?"

"Um I think fourth, how about you?"

"Same!" He smiled.

"Well then, you get to meet our other friends!" We walked in to the English room and sat down. We all sat together. All during class Louis kept on passing me notes saying 'Do you like Harry?' I replied to one saying 'Maybeee, why?' I looked over to him and he smiled, he passed the not 'I KNEW IT' before we knew it, the bell rang. I got up "Liam, whats your next class?"

"Physical Education" He said.

"Me too!" Zayn said.

"We will see you at lunch guys." Louis said. Me and Louis were walking to class when he brought up Harry.

"So, you like Harry huh?" he said nudging my arm.

"I said Maybe, why?"

"Me and Samantha have a feeling he likes you too!" He said smiling. I just smiled. I hope he likes me too I thought to myself. We got to our third period, Math. oh how I dreaded math.
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