Little Miss 1D

Sairanna (say-ran-a) and her younger sister Tara are fans of One Direction, and when Tara finds out that they're doing a signing in London, she asks her sister to take her. Sai takes her not knowing that Tara is actually plotting a plan in her head... a plan that involves Liam Payne, and Sai. But with problems in her family, will Sai be able to actually hold a relationship with a world-famous boy-band member? Will she be able to handle the baggage that comes with dating one of the boys?


7. Thievery


Liam and I had set our date for Saturday, at 6 pm. He wouldn't tell me where we were going, or his plans. Only that I'd have to dress nicely, and that it was a dinner. 

The time leading up to our date was stressful. I didn't know what to wear, or how much make-up to apply. Tara tried to get me to calm down, and Tara and I even went shopping together to find the 'perfect outfit'. Tara had it in mind that I should wear something classy, but also fun. And Dahlia thought I should wear all One Direction merchandise, which was probably the worst possible answer.

In my head I wanted to just wear jeans and a sweater, but I knew that was inappropriate for this particular occasion.

I tried on about fifteen different dresses, and none of them seemed to look right. Tara said I was crazy, but I just couldn't figure out what I actually wanted, I guess.

"How about this?" 

Tara was holding up a red swing dress in front of me, I wrinkled my nose at it.


She glared and brought another dress forward, "This?"

It was green satin, I hated green on me.


"What about this?" 

Blue v-neck.


There was a string of dresses after that, some of them were quite beautiful dresses. But none what I had in mind.

Baby blue v-neck.

Al sorts of black ones.

This yellow one that reminded me of a weirdly shaped lemon.

There was also this one grey one, and Tara's eyes had filled with hope when I agreed to try it on. But I quickly changed my mind after feeling the fabric material.

There was a pile of dresses of all sorts when Tara finally gave up after two hours, we had almost stripped half the store bare.

Tara was lying sprawled on the dressing rooms couch, an arm thrown over her eyes. 

"I have no idea what you want, Sai."

I groaned and fell into a chair, "You know I always have a hard time picking out dresses, I can never find what I want."

We left the store after that, with me assuring Tara that I'll just pick one out at home. 


Tara suddenly stopped walking, making me turn and stare at her confusingly. 

She wordlessly lifted a hand and pointed at a store display window.

There on the mannequin was a pretty, short, cream colored dress. With an allover textural jacquard puckered patterning, round neckline, sleeveless, fitted bodice, and flared out to be a full skirt. It was beautiful.

I gaped at it while Tara sprung me to action, dragging me inside the store. 

She flitted around the store quickly, asking for the dress we had seen in the window.

Before I knew it we were standing in the change room section, in front of a full length mirror. 

"This dress, is my lover. I'd marry it if I could."

Tara nodded eagerly while bouncing around, "So? Are you gonna get it?"

I considered it, the dress was beautiful. And it did flatter me.

"How much?"

Tara's smile dropped off her face and she stood very still with a nervous look shadowing her face. 

"$800," She mumbled.


"We can afford it!" Tara exclaimed, "C'mon, Sai. You love it."

I glanced around nervously, "Yeah we can, but mom would be pissed."

Tara shrugged and bit her lip, pulling something out of her back pocket. "Which is why I grabbed dads credit card instead of moms..."


"Well what was I supposed to do, bring $800 in cash?"

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